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Re: TH: Advice Please

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 On Thu, 22 May 1997, Shaub Dunkley wrote: -----------------------------

> >Thanks to everyone who sent advice on the NTT trees.  I love this Tree-House
> >group!
> >
> Dear Judy;
> Believe me, I'm not info smooth. A lot of this computer stuff goes right
> over my head. But I love this group too!
> Notice how we're growing? Hope I can keep up with the postings!

 Thank You Judy & Shaub -

 You can't know how good it does my little heart & head & ego to get
 supportive feedback like yours ! I'm always learning this Internet
 stuff too, and hopefully Tree-House will always be a place where
 folks can feel comfortable at whatever their level of expertise is.

 Our listeeship hales from divers camps, as we should.  You 'newbies'
 out there who may feel intimidated on some of our 'competitor' venues
 are always welcome to full participation, and you should ask us
 questions when something is unclear.  If I don't know the answer,
 someone else here surely will.  A note to our friends on the Bird-Tree-
 Digest: when you submit a 'reply' to one of our postings, please
 insert 'Tree-House' or 'Bird-House' into the 'To:' header on your
 posting, instead of just '-House' -- and if this doesn't make sense
 at the moment, don't worry about it.  You folks should be out caring
 for your trees and not wrestling with Internet technicalities --
 that's *my* problem :) ...

 Palm Trees:

 In Baltimore it is becoming more & more fashionable for big night-
 clubs to plant Palms around their patios in the summer, which
 unfortunately are *not* winter hardy here.  The April 28 issue of
 'Newsweek' magazine reports that in Las Vegas (where they *are*
 hardy), the market for Canary Island Palms has inflated 130% in
 the past couple years, to where major casinos are paying $8,000.oo
 apiece for these trees, and that landscaping routinely calls for
 200 of them!  This is an interesting, if disturbing new development.

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