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TH: Burning Questions ...

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 Greenings Tree Folks -

 After running this list for a couple years, I'm starting to
 run out of burning questions myself (of course new ones do
 keep coming to mind :) ...

 We have a number of new subscribers here on Tree-House, bringing
 our current listeeship to well over a hundred.  If you new folks
 are hoping to learn something new about caring for trees from our
 crack technical crew, let us know what it is:  Flowering and
 Pollination, Tree Physiology, How to acquire your favorite or
 native varieties, Funding or organizing your Community Forestry
 group, Coping with droughts, pests, diseases or local ordinances --
 including endangered and historic trees, What's the latest on
 Blight-Resistant American Elms, etc.  We especially like to hear
 about your own personal experiences working for the trees in your
 own hometown.  One of the more philosophical issues which has been
 emerging lately is having to deal with 'popular psychology' --
 excessive pruning of trees, overuse of herbicides and the like,
 when well-intentioned good neighbors may be bettering their
 communities while putting at risk their community forests.  This
 forum is not exclusively intended for urban forests (street trees),
 but current reports from inner cities confirm that tree stewardship
 is having very positive effects solidifying and beautifying diverse
 neighborhoods -- in a healthful way and at comparatively low cost.

 Thanks for listenin,'
 looking forward to your replies ...
 Richard Tryzno Ellsberry | FloraList Operations | Baltimore USDA Zone 7