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Tt: Inventory

About your proposed tree inventory system:
I would suggest that you/ we start by defining what we want our
data base to do...  what is the purpose?  I also believe each
single tree should be the "smallest unit", allowing the user to
follow the history of each tree from planting to demise.  Should
each tree have only one "record" with infinite fields or should a
new record be created every time a tree is inspected or cared
for?  With multiple records, you would have to query by address
or some other identifying field.  On the other hand, too many
fields could get confusing.  Hmmm... 
Using this computerized inventory will mean a lot of data entry,
the returns had better be good.  To name a few:
  * checking the viability of each species and (sorry) cultivars
in designated areas and site conditions.
  * cost of maintenance for specific species (and site
conditions) would be important.
  * fields for "citizen complaints", like stinky berries or tree
sap on windshields?
These (and many more) could help determine future plantings. 
This should be a management tool...
The computer skills level of the people to use this system is a
factor  -is that social ecology?
I have several "pages" on recommended species for planting in
Baltimore; categorized for small, medium, and large streets;
under power lines, and maybe more (I haven't looked lately).  I
will post it if anybody wants, but won't bomb you unsolicited...