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Re: perm. definition

How about the woman in the USA who builds greenhouses on an
area equivalent to 16m by 16m ( the average australian backyard)
out of which she feeds HUNDREDS of people a green salad lunch each
day. !  This greenhouse uses ramps for vertical stacking, water,
and small animals and adjustable cover and shade etc to maintain
constant temp & humidity , and once fully stacked and functioning
the whole thing runs off sunlight, water and human guidance. The 
particulars are buried somewhere in my stack of old e-mails but
the point is made.  Who cares if there are "studies" . The fact is
we know we can make typical agriculture figures look like a joke
so just get on with it.  What we want is more people doing it
on the ground and less "studies".

Have fun all.

Paul Meleng                            Perth, Western Australia
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