Re: suggestions for web pages

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Mmm...actually, I think your pages are fine.  What concerns me
is that the ftp server is often inaccessible, so I can't read
what you have available.  I thought that if you created symbolic
links to the ftp tree from the web file tree, the documents
could be read using an http:// URL, which is a more reliable

I'm going to Cross Timbers in Texas at the end of this month.
Kirby Fry mentioned that they're planning to create a web page,
and that one of their long term goals is to participate in 
an international exchange program for permaculture.  I think it'd
be good to promote this program as it starts to take shape;
getting more of the institutes online would probably help
to raise awareness about permaculture as well.

Along similar lines, do you know if a program comparable to Willing Workers on
Organic Farms exists in the U.S.?

I'll keep you informed as things develop.


 :}> Because sunsite has so much to offer, I often
 :}> have difficulty accessing the ftp archives because
 :}> of the limits on connections.  What do you
 :}> think of somehow linking more of the ftp
 :}> documents into the web area (Are they separate file trees?)
 :}> to improve accessibility?
 :}They are already linked in to my webpages. Or just use the www, gopher or 
 :}ftp URL's to access directories directly. ftp and gopher archives are the 
 :}same UNIX directory tree. Web directories and files are elsewhere: /html/
 :}Thanks for your interest. I f you have resources you want mounted in the 
 :}archive please send them along for me to put on the Web.
 :}Lawrence F. London, Jr. - london@sunSITE.unc.edu