David Holmgren

>B. Rateaver writes:
>>I think you will find that his name is Mollison, not Morrison. He is an 
>>Australian who came up with a great idea and milked it for all he is 
>>worth. If I am not mistaken he had a partner in the early days of the 
>>invention of Permaculture, a fellow called David, but the partner never 
>>gets a mention these days.

>charles barber writes:\
>david holmgren - he's still around spreading the word and well worth
>listening to/reading

Absolutely!  I had the pleasure of spending two days on my Permaculture
Design Course with David.  The difference between Bill and David is that
Bill went out and preached Pc while David practiced it.  David is living
Permaculture and has been since its inception and in recent years he has
found time to write about his Pc experiences.  I found David to be a truly
inspiring person.  I have nothing against Bill.  I think it's a shame that
David has been forgotten or overlooked. 
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