announcement: Electronic Seminar

Announcement of Electronic Seminar

By:          Prof. Emeritus Horst Doelle, MIRCEN-Biotechnology Pacific
               Regional Network
Date:      1-17 May 1996
E-list:           ET-VENUS
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Any technological development is aimed at improving the quality of life
of a community of people. Bioresource utilisation programmes are the
best systems to combat malnutrition and starvation and, if coupled with
waste utilisation and treatment could lead to high public health
standards. MULTIPLE goal or INTEGRATED system development can also lead
to employment in villages and higher living standards, avoiding the
trend of increasing urbanisation. Although the creation of wealth
through biotechnology firmly places the discipline within the industrial
sector, it is the farmer who supplies the raw material and MUST
participate in the wealth creation to secure the supply. A model for
future microbial process systems is being developed which secures a
clean environment during sustainable development. It not only keeps the
environment clean, it also takes care of soil fertility, food, feed
problems and bionergy supply.

About the Author:
Prof. Emeritus Horst Doelle received his basic degree in microbiology
from the University of Jena and Dr.rer.nat. from the University of
Gottingen in Germany in microbiology [major], botany and organic
chemistry. His research in fermentation technology led to the award of a
D.Sc. in 1976 by the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.
After 28 years teaching in the Department of Microbiology he retired in
October 1992 and devoted his time ever since to the teaching of
environmentally clean fermentation technologies in the developing
countries. In 1975 Prof. Doelle co-founded the Australian Biotechnology
movement in Australia and was elected to the Executive of the
International Organisation of Biotechnology and Bioengineering in 1980,
became Chairman-elect in 1992 and will assume chairmanship in 1996.
Since 1975 he has been heavily involved in Unesco training course
activities and since 1987 he has been Director of MIRCEN
[Microbiological Resources Centre]-Biotechnology Brisbane and since 1989
of the MIRCEN-Pacific Regional Network. His main teaching activities are
concerned with integrated fermentation technologies and microbial
process development for sustainable development in the areas of socio-
ecological as well as socio-economical biotechnology.

How to Participate

This electronic seminar will use the Listserv electronic
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Seminar Material
The seminar paper will be available via the list in May.

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