Looking for somewhere to study

I am sorry if this is not the appropriate place to post this message.
Desperately looking for a  Position 
Hello People in the list.
In this moment I am in a very stressful situation, I am doing a master in 
The University of Ottawa. Before I came to Ottawa, last year, I was told 
by my supervisor that if I found a scholarship from my country my tuition 
fee would be wavered for the rest of my studies, but after two months in 
Ottawa the Graduate Studies Department told me that the tuition fee was 
going to be wavered for only the first year of my studies.  I am sure 
every body knows  that to finish a master in biology, more specifically  
in molecular biology, in one year is next to impossible and the 
scholarship that I have only covers my living expenses . Well, here is 
where my odyssey started, just trying to get through the Universitys 
bureaucracy . One year has gone by and my problem is far to be solved. My 
supervisor did not move a finger to try to help me out of this 
situation.  On the other hand one year working in a lab of molecular 
biology finally convinced me that my work is not in the lab. 
Now I am looking for a position to do a master or PhD, in something 
related to ethnobotanic or in rural development .
The council of research, which provided the grant, allows for a change in 
the program of studies, this scholarship is for three more years. 
My background in botany is limited but I have done field work in rural 
areas back in my country.
If anybody out there can be of any help I would greatly appreciate it.
My e-mail is s740648@aix1.uottawa.ca
German Poleo