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>    * Subject: Re: Newsgroup
>    * From: Thilo.Pfennig@kiel.netsurf.de  (Thilo Pfennig)
>    * Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 19:23:12 +0200
>    * From almanac-request@amani.ces.ncsu.edu Sat Jul 20 13: 42:17 1996

> >I was thinking of forming alt.agriculture.permaculture as part of the
> >alt.agriculture.* (misc, fruit, alt.sustainable.agriculture)
> >"heirarchy". If someone will write a statement of purpose I will
> >post this to alt.config and other groups for discussion then ask my
> >newsadmin to form and propagate this new newsgroup.
> How about a part of our pc-faq with the explanation of what pc is as a
> statement of purpose?

That should define the mission of the newsgroup adequately. Can you put 
this together
and post it to this list, alt.sustainable.agriculture, sci.agriculture 
and alt.config? I will have the group formed after a week or two of 


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