urban backyard

Hi! I'm an Environmental Studies student trying to design a permaculture 
project for my urban backyard.  I'm looking for suggestions re plants and 
trees to use, and any other relevant ideas.  I'm really interested in 
permaculture and would also like to use native plants wherever 
possible.  I'm located in Waterloo, in Southern Ontario.  

I think that people learn best through practical application of 
theoretical ideas; this is why I am undertaking this design project.  
Although it's  only hypothetical this summer, it is something I would 
like to do when I have a farm or at least a permanent home, so I'd like 
my project to be as factual and relevant as possible.     

If you have any ideas about how permaculture ideas can be applied in an 
urban yard/house, or if you know anyone else who I should contact, please 
write back.   Thanks!!
		Elaine Johnson