Re: new mailing list - responses


  i agree with michael yount,  it does become boring having to sift 
through tons of material for a pound of ideas.  the best i have heard 
about and not yet seen is MOTHER EARTH's ECO-VILLAGE, this is a 
functional example of the possibilites.  it includes everything from 
bio-intensive gardening to underground "Earthships".  I have seen the 
Earthships of Taos NM, and they are amazing.  The problem I see is making 
the ideas that have been around for many sometimes hundreds of years, 
popular and exciting to the masses.  i do not know the answer to the 
question but i am all in favor of saving this planet from the 
self-destruction that is going on all around us. i just wish i had the 
answer of how to let others know and teach them to help themselves.

sincerely, mike stanfield