Permaculture CD

Hi!  I haven't contributed to this newsgroup before but I have been an avid 
listener for quite some time.  I started gardening four years ago when I 
rented a house where somebody had kindly left a beautiful herb garden in the 
back yard.  Since then I have tried to learn how to live sustainably, this 
search has taken me to many places.  I studied biodynamic gardening in 
Boulder.  I helped build an Earthship in Pagosa Springs, CO.  I lived in an 
Eco-village in Tepoztlan, Mexico and took a designers course in Permaculture 
at San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  I cannot begin to explain the deep sense of 
meaning gardening has given me, but I would like to make an approachable 
introduction to gardening for people who are trying to get started in their 
own backyards.
I want to put together a CD-ROM on the basics of how-to garden from a 
beginners perspective (including Permaculture, Organic Gardening, and 
Bio-dynamics).  I would also like to include (or make a companion CD with) 
sustainable building and living (i.e., catchwater cisterns, L.E.T.S. Systems, 
compost toilets, strawbale, earthships, etc.). 
Does anyone have any before-and-after pictures or videotape of their farms, 
swales, garden patch, favorite appropriate technology invention, etc. that 
they would be so kind as to let me use in this presentation?  Does anyone have 
a really neat tip they would like to see in a CD on how to garden? I am also 
trying to make a searchable database on various diseases and pests, if anyone 
has taken pictures of their gardening menaces I would love to use them!  Do 
you have pictures of your favorite companion planting?  Does anyone live in 
the area of Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico and have a sustainable farm (or 
productive backyard) I could come visit?  I would gladly pay for the copied 
negatives and shipping but not royalties - I really hope to do this to enhance 
my own education, to gather a large amount of resources in one searchable 
source, and to promote sustainable living, not for commercial profit - 
Honestly - One of my main attempts will be to try to make this CD affordable 
and chock' full of usefull information for anyone who sincerly wants it.
	Thank you for an enjoyable newsgroup and....
	Thank you for any help you wish to provide,
	David Rinck
	Email Address - Drinck@msn.com