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Yankee Permaculture Publication News
These publications are available now from Yankee Permaculture. Some may not
be listed on our order form yet.

* Two New Listings in Our Special Order Catalog (YPC Paper #27)
SP-46 How to Live--Free at Last  by Dr. P. ffyske Howden.  This book offers
"great escape into genteel frugality + vehicle for $28 weekly on 1/4 acre -
 or in an apartment?" "Spend only 2 hours weekly working at home life-support
systemsx. Choosing a site wisely, afford a big quality $13,000 kit home.
Liberate yourself from boring drudgery into relaxed creativity with cleverly
reduced housework, using alternatives & by growing only multi-use tree
veggies, planting a mere 4 trees monthly including natives, many outside
front fences." We find this to be a valuable source of ideas, inventions,
standard designs, and inspiration for permaculture design and living.
Australian print version, 120 pages. (US page format will be more.) Computer
disk, MAC Macwrite or TEXT, $25 base price  + P&H (See disk rate sheets for
other formats.) Print-out or photocopy (our option), $35.00 + P&H.
 Australians order directly from the author at Back Yard Tech Enterprises,
Cone St., Macleay Island QLD 4184. Available as SP. 46 from our Special Order
Catalog. (Order the entire catalog, Yankee Permaculture  Paper #27, using the
Yankee Permaculture Order form.)

SP. 47  Cornucopia - A Source Book of Edible Plants   by Stephen Facciola.
 This 676 large-format page book lists about 3,000 plant species useful as
food and provides detailed cultivar listings for more than 110 cultivated
crops. The book furnishes botanical listings by family of vascular plants,
fungi, algae, and bacteria, a special section of cultivar listings, a
cross-referenced list of sources where materials described can be obtained,
an index of species native or naturalized to North America, an Index of
species not listed in Kunkeel, a general index of families and genera, and
appendices of abbreviations, for type of product offered, bibliographical
citations, and descriptions for plant sources. Fascinating reading in its own
right, Cornucopia  is an invaluable tool for permaculturists for such
purposes as finding sources of "obscure" species, identifying food uses of
plants on site, and determining additional uses for food plants. We regard
this as an essential book for every permaculture library. Formerly listed on
the regular Yankee Permaculture, we appear to have saturated our market for
this text. It is too important to abandon, so we still offer it through
special order. Print version, $43 + p&h.  Computer disk Windows format, $72 +
p&h.  [We do not generate these disks in-house, so our usual disk terms do
not apply.]

*  PROD--Permaculture Review, Overview and Digest
 That's the name of the latest publication from Yankee Permaculture.
 Published in a newsletter format, PROD  includes digests of articles and
other information sources gleaned from our far flung permaculture
connections. Any  information of value in practicing permaculture is fair
game. PROD  reviews books, magazines, and organizations of particular
interest to permaculturists. From time to time, a digest or review will
encourage us to provide an overview of the topic.  For example, in issue #1,
two digests related to agroforestry encouraged us to include an agroforestry
directory, selected from our master organizational database, TRIP. (TRIP is
available in its entirety, of course. See our order form.) We'll also draw on
our publications and suppliers databases, and our extensive library and
files, to round out items digested from other publications. PROD  volumes
will consist of four issues with four pages per issue, if we can contain our
enthusiasm. Already issue number one is six pages.  That made room for a
directory of hundreds of groups working in agroforestry, an article on
permaculture ethics, a digested article on raising pigs on tree leaves in the
tropics, a related article of feeding tree leaves to rabbits and chickens
including a table never before published, a digest of an article on bamboo in
permaculture design, a follow-up list of bamboo associations, and book
reviews relating to agroforestry and bamboo. As subscriptions increase, we
expect that the size of the issues will as well. Subscriptions are US$15 +
p&h. Sample issues are $5 postpaid. For 1996, PROD  is included as a bonus
with our other newsletter, Robin,  so if you choose you can get two
newsletters for the price of one. PROD is also available on computer disk.
Write for details. 

*  New Edition of Domestic Energy Paper 
Domestic Energy Conservation & Generation: References, Resources, & Suppliers
 has been enlarged, re-edited and updated in a third edition for North
America, now available. Listed on our order form as Yankee Permaculture Paper
#13, the new edition expands and refines the treatment of basic energy
conservation and generation principles, adds a table showing relative fuel
values of wood from 30 species of North American trees, and appends lists of
hundreds of US and Canadian addresses for resource groups and suppliers. More
than 50 background publications are cited in the reference appendix. The
paper addresses lifestyle adjustments for energy conservation, and
permaculture design considerations concerning hot water, lighting, climate
control, cooking, electricity, washing & drying, water conservation, toilets,
and swimming pools. The compact pamphlet of 15 pages costs US$6.00 + P&H.
Available on computer disk for $10 + P&H.

*  The Caretaker Gazette  is available from Yankee Permaculture.
The Caretaker Gazette  matches land  that needs care with the people who want
to care for it. Land owners advertise positions for caretakers and potential
caretakers advertise their availability. The scale is international with
emphasis on the USA.  A  subscription is $24.00.  Postage and handling are
included in the price if mailed to the US.

We have published two new editions in the Permaculture Design Course Pamphlet
Series, Pamphlet II, Permaculture in Humid Landscapes  and Pamphlet XI, Water
in Permaculture.  These are two of the most important pamphlets in the
series. The new editions have easier-to-read type, more vigorous copy
editing, and footnotes that bring them up to date. Prices of both pamphlets
are unchanged.
 Permaculture in Humid Landscapes  treats the land shapes in a rounded
landscape shaped by the gentle erosion of runoff intercepted by vegetation.
These are the lands where most people live. Water interception and storage,
keyline cultivation, and placement of elements (such as houses and gardens)
on these landscapes are some of the themes this paper addresses. This is the
most heavily illustrated of the series, and, at 22 pages, one of the longest.
 Water in Permaculture  builds on the humid landscapes pamphlet, and other
pamphlets in the series, to treat particularly design for productive waters.
 Where low-input aquaculture leaves off, permaculture begins, getting
multiple use of water as it moves through the area covered by the
permaculture design. This 10-page pamphlet also features a number of helpful

Water for Every Farm  is available!
New Edition is Much Improved 
 After being unavailable for a few years, P. A. Yeomans' invaluable book,
Water for Every Farm  can be bought again from Yankee Permaculture. This is
newly edited by Yeomans' youngest son. It is easier to understand, with new,
updated information for methods that develop rich, absorbent soil faster and
more easily than by older keyline techniques. In this book, Yeomans'
describes his brilliant system for storing rainwater, halting erosion,
increasing soil fertility, and patterning the agricultural landscape. This is
an essential book for anyone interested in Permaculture.  The price is $30 +

*  YPC Publications on Computer Disk.  
 We recently completed a list of our publications and databases available on
3.5-inch computer disk, either for Macintosh or most PC programs. Send
US$1.00 + SASE for details on titles and ordering.

  Ordering Yankee Permaculture Publications from This Sheet. 
 Some of the publications listed on this sheet have not yet been added to the
Yankee Permaculture Order Form as of this writing.  To compute the cost, add
the total of publications that you seek, then compute Postage & Handling.
 P&H costs 10% of purchase price in the US and 20% elsewhere. However there
is a minimum of $3.00 P&H on small orders. Pay P&H only for the first $150 of
each order.  You may combine purchases from this sheet with those from the
order form to get the best deal on shipping. 
 If at all possible, please use the order form, even if you only order from
this sheet. Simply attach the list of new publications to the order form.
 The regular YPC order form lists all conditions and procedures. One is sent
to you with this sheet.
Items ordered from this sheet






Postage & Handling (10% in US, 20% elsewhere)* ($3 minimum, pay only on first
$150 of order)                                                         $
Total Order (US funds only, checks must be drawn on a US Bank.)
Contribution to meet requests from "Third World" groups, elementary school
students, etc                                                     $

) This order is not combined with an order on the regular Yankee Permaculture
Order Form. I have attached my name and address.
Yankee Permaculture, P.O. Box 2052, Ocala FL 34478-2052 USA. eMail:

!Back Publications Offered at Discount!
 Cynthia and I are recently moved to a temporary address to further her
midwifery career. Until we move again, we are offering our back publications
at discount. Here are some deals:
 *  A complete set of all four issues of TIPSY + Vol. I of TIPS journal for
$45 postpaid worldwide. Normally we sell the TIPSYs for $35 and Vol. I of
 TIPS for $25, with postage extra.
 *  All four TIPSYs, normally discounted to $35.00, now discounted to $25
postpaid worldwide.
 * Back issues of TIPSY and Vol. 1 of TIPS bulk at 50% off, postpaid in the
US and half-price shipping elsewhere.  Minimum order, 20 copies, mix & match.
 * Case lots of TIPSYs  and/or TIPS at 60% off, shipping free in the US.
 * Copies of  our recent soil issue of TIPS with blank covers at $5  each, $3
postage. (Usually $15 + P&H) Postpaid for more than 10 copies.
* Write for a list of other publications at reduced prices.  We have small
quantities of this and that to sell.
 These prices now apply until we move, guaranteed through 1996, subject to
availability. After  1996, send a SASE to inquire. Grass roots, Third World
groups, send return mail coupons for info on select publications for postage
only. Include info on your group. Be sure to see the descriptions of the
journals mentioned above, included with this flyer.

*  Volume VI, TRIP (The Resources of International Permaculture).  
TRIP is our international directory of groups working on issues directly
related to permaculture, such as the environment, greens, water, forests,
alternative economics, appropriate technology, genetic resources,
bioregionalism, sustainable cities, herbalism, sustainable food systems,
Earth spirituality, alternative education and of course permaculture itself.
Each listing includes the full address and comments, where pertinent,
arranged by region. Cross indexes by group and publication name, as well as
by category of activity (e.g. permaculture publications, forests, etc.)
assure that you can find pertinent groups from a variety of starting points.
All full subscriptions to TRIP VI include an update service. We send you
updates including changes, additions and deletions from TRIP VI until TRIP
VII is published. (We guarantee at least three updates or you'll get TRIP VII
free.) For the first time, paid subscribers to TRIP also receive a
certificate for a  free search of the database to generate mail labels or a
resource list tailored to their needs. TRIP VI is listed on the Yankee
Permaculture Order Form enclosed. TRIP VI costs $25 + P&H for 80 pages, a
three-ring binder, updates, and a free search.
 Yankee Permaculture also offers TRIP-on-Disk.  There are no volume numbers
because each 3.5-inch computer disk we ship is copied from our master
database on the day that we process your order. TRIP-on-Disk starts at $50 +
p&h depending on the format that you  need. Send $1.00 + SASE or 2
 International Return Mail Coupons for an instruction sheet on ordering disks
from Yankee Permaculture. Presently, TRIP-on-Disk lists about 2,000 groups
and publications.