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Title: Gesundheit!

to The Gesundheit! Institute's Rip-Roarin' Home Page!

Well, OK, so it's a little more ripped than roarin'. Anyway...

Gesundheit is an experiment in holism with a medical focus. Our goal is to build a 40-bed hospital as part of a complete health care community based on these principles.

  • For the lowdown on What We're About, read Fun And The Joy Of Service, by Patch Adams, MD.
  • The GI Tract, the newsletter written by and for Gesundheit! volunteers.
  • How to be a volunteer.
  • Other ways you can be involved.
  • Links! Check 'em out!
  • Watch for these coming attractions:

  • Permaculture information
  • Ecovillage plans
  • Past, present, and upcoming FUNdraising events
  • The annual supporters' newsletter
  • An excerpt from the book, Gesundheit! by Patch Adams, M.D.
  • Who is this "Patch" feller, anyway?
  • If you would like to write to the land staff about volunteering, please read all the information available here first, and then call (304) 653-4338 or send a letter to: Gesundheit! Institute, HC 64 box 167, Hillsboro, WV 24946. Or, you can email us at achoo@well.com.


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