Re: Permaculture Swale & Pond Building Workshop @ Rodale Institute -Reply

Response to Runs With Scissors- Swale construction IS an appropriate
topic for a compost list.  The Clean Washington Center and E & A
Environmental Consultants in Seattle, WA are in the middle of study
looking at the use of compost in bioswales and the preliminary results
look very promising!! These kinds of workshops and opportunities to
share research focus and information is the reason I stay on this list- not
to read about individual problems with how to construct worm bins and
whether grass is a "greeen or a brown"!!!

Let's be a bit more open to sharing and learning.....

>>> Runs With Scissors <gozer@oro.net> 09/03/96 06:06pm >>>
Tabloid reporters were flabbergasted when Rebecca Haring wrote:
  > Rodale Institute to Hold Permaculture Swale and
> Pond Building Workshop

> Everyone is invited to enroll in the pond and swale building workshop
> October xx-xx.  All meals are included in the three-day admission
> charge of $300.  Lodging is available close by.   Enrollment is limited.
>  Please call Rodale Institute at xxx-xxx-xxxx for information and
> reservations.

While admirable, this is off-topic for the compost list.
Additionally, internet email is an inappropriate forum for unsolicited

Please refrain from emailing unsolicited advertising in the future.

> Rodale Institute is an independent, non-profit public charity,
> under sections 501(c)3 and 509(a)2 of the IRS code.

I still don't want to see your advertising. 



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