update and request

As some of you may recall, I am a new resident of the Willamette Valley,
Oregon. Since it was late in the year by the time I could begin, I only
planted a small portion of the 40x90 space available. I spread newspapers
over the giant weeds growing in the garden, after tramping them down. I
piled up stacks of grass and weeds I'd cut a couple of weeks before. I
poured some compost over it all, and planted transplants. IT WORKED! I've
had lovely vegies, and I thank the folks on this list whenever I enjoy

Now I'd like to prepare that entire space, as well as another space equally
as large for next spring's garden, as well as a smaller space for a winter
garden. How can I prepare a space that large using permaculture methods? Do
I have to empty out those newspaper recycling bins? Wouldn't that be
stealing? :-) The whole garden is full of tall grass stalks, thistle, and
other amazing weeds which are head-high. How can I keep the place from
being full of weeds next year? I'd like to plant in grids 4x4 or 4x8, I
think. What can I put on the paths between to keep down weeds? Detailed
advice would be much appreciated. Or even advice about what book(s) to find
in the library.



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