colony farm

Good news!
VanCity Envirofund has accepted our proposal for funding support for the
development of Community Gardens at Colony Farm in Coquitlam/PortCoquitlam.
The Envirofund selection committee met last week, and they had $80,000 to
divide up between four recipients, who received $20,000 each.
The four recipients are:
The Institute of Urban Ecology: "Greenlinks Project"
The Steelhead Society of BC: "Watershed Stewardship Project"
The Stó: lo Nation: "Stó: lo Nation Ethnobotanical Garden Project"
Congratulations to these other successful applicants. Note that the
Greenlinks project has representation on the Colony Farm Task Force.

The Timeline for the next few months of the project (as proposed, anyway) is

September-October 1996

community meetings, discussions
write & submit grant applications
communicate with Colony Farm Regional Park Task Force to develop guidelines for
        Association structure
door-to-door flyers to immediate area residents and posters throughout
        announcing community meetings, giving some plans
announcement and ads in community newspapers
hold community meetings in Mary Hill, Coquitlam to generate interest etc.

October - November 1996

develop data-base of interested people/organizations
develop organizational structure for Community Garden Society, with Colony Farm
        Regional Park Association
plan garden site, determine plot size, organic regulations, demonstration areas,
        community approach, membership fee
hold workshops on gardening, community building, permaculture, composting
Forward detailed plan to GVRD for full approval

We will now be able to work out the details of the project, and make sure
we incorporate all the concerns and details that were passed on to us but
may not have made it into the final proposal. It's no longer a proposal,
but a plan! We look forward to working with permaculture network members on
Wreford Miller & Rebecca Kneen


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