Re: Hydro Ram pumps and Duckbill Ram pumps

Intermediate Technology Development publishes regularly updated books on the
theme TOOLS FOR AGRICULTURE with this sort of information. Checking the third
edition (I've got a later edition but its in a box of books waiting to be
reviewd), 1985, lists 11 suppliers of HYDRAULIC RAM PUMPS.  If I hadn't been
certain that ramp pumps were listed from when I review the book in 1985, I
would never have found them, listed as they are under "hydraulic" not "ram"
pumps. They also have a category "Water Lifting Devices" which aren't
particularly pumps, but that do the job.  

Hold on and I'll look up ITD publictions in our commercially available TRIP
(The Resources of International Permaculature) Database. (email for details)
 ticx  ticx tok!

That didn't take long!  Great database!  Here's the addresses:

EUROPE Intermediate Development Technology Group - ITDG AT Food Chain   Myson
House Railway Terrace Rugby Warwickshire CV21 3HT UNITED KINGDOM Address
correction. 01/19/96  <itdg@tt.gn.apc.org> 
NORTH AMERICA ITDG/Bootstrap Press AT     777 United Nations Plaza #3C NY  NY
10017 USA  12/02/95 Wide selection of intermediate technology books.  Many
new and updated titles.  


Hope that helps.

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