Re: REintroduction

>The idea of using comics to reach certain groups of people is not such a bad

Comics and animation have been a serious form of communication for some time.
 E.g. the works of animation cinematographer Canadian Norman McLaren & those
who followed.  We publish a pretty serious permaculture journal (but not too
serious, we hope) that uses cartoons.  The last issue of THE INTERNATIONAL
PERMACULTURE SOLUTIONS JOURNAL includes a spread on how one would move toward
and actualize a vision for creating and enjoying paradise on  a compacted and
depleted landscape.  Due in large parts to the impressive talents of artist
Lonna Nachtigal, no other medium could have communicated this aspect of
permaculture so succintly and accessibly.  

The medium should suit both the message and the recipient and reflect
accurately the messenger.  If we push one medium for its own sake, then, as
another Canadian noted, The Medium is the Message.  The medium is the message
anyway, to some extent. For that reason, the message primarily is always how
we live our own lives--bearing witness, the Christians call it. Walking our
talk, in current parlance.  

I'm reminded of a "green" coalition in Wichita, Kansas, who, almost
universally, refused to avoid using products (chlorine-based, such as
refrigerants) produced by a Vulcan Chemicals, which they were trying to close
down.  They stated that there was no point to such a sacrifice because"no one
would know" anyway.  People do know.  

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