Supplier for Duckbill/Sling Pump found

Well, I never found the elusive duckbill pump creature. 

But I did locate one of it's cousins/clones, the Rife Sling Pump. 
That duckbill must be an Australian thing. 

The sling pump will pump water uphill--or a very long distance on 
level ground, simply by placing in a stream or creek with flowing
water.  The movement of water laterally will drive the

The hydro ram pump, which is more commonly available and
familiar, requires a change in elevation and the force of
water dropping several feet to drive the pump.  

Thus, the sling pump is unique for its simplicity and the
fact that it can be placed in a stream or creek and provide
water for a dwelling or crop irrigation with no disturbance
to the streambank or streambed.  
Rife Sling Pump
P.O. Box 70
Wilkes-Barre, PA  18703
  Small capacity, $675
  Large capacity, $975

steve diver