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                          Now Is The Time                                                                        

  Peace, healthy environs, safety and prosperity for everyone, 
a rich culture and sustainability of life are goals that are 
dear to all of us. At the same time we know in more or less 
detail about the state our world is in. Many concerned and 
courageous people work for nature, peace and human rights. We 
invest money, time and skill to improve things. But all these 
sincere attempts can only for a while relieve symptoms. 

        Persistant changes for the better will only be 
accomplished when we start dealing with the real causes.These 
causes lie with the economic framework. A few thousand years 
ago a tiny minority set up rules. Up to this day they are 
governing the monetary system and the (re-)distribution of the 
riches of the world (nature's gifts). And they do this in a 
way that leads the biosphere right to the verge of 

  It is about time to talk about these deeply internalized 
rules, and then let us decide together on new, better rules. 
We need a global framework that makes sustainable economy and 
sustainable peace possible. 

  Many people know about these complex problems. Most of us do 
not want to think about it, because they do not know what to 
do about it. The Bible, the Koran, marxism and the blood 
terror of the nazis have not succeeded in overcoming this 
age-old tradition of redistribution from poor to rich. We are 
going for it once again, because we love Mother Earth. 

  Now we have 1. the possibility of global networking, 2. good 
understanding of the mechanisms at work, 3. an improved model 
for the monetary system, 4. a step by step plan for 
implementation, and 5. love as our motivation. Below we will 
shortly explain these points. In detail you con find it an the 
WWW-pages at: http://www.comlink.apc.org/lav/now/ 


  1. Networking:
 This is a global problem. Thus we have to start talking about 
the connection between the monetary system and the global 
crisis in the whole world stimultaneously. The WWW offers us 
the possibility to concert this decentralized process and 
inform ourselves even in case of a media boycott. Chances are 
that we start to develop the collective sense of being ONE 


  2. The existing monetary system and the consequences:
Because of the structure of the financial system it cannot 
help but lead to reoccuring cycles of booming economy (along 
with exploitation of nature) alternating with ecomonic 
breakdown, depression and wars. 

  Why? Well, we can look upon our monetary system as a closed 
system. Any technician knows, that in any closed system no 
single parameter can grow indefinetly without leading to 
selfdestruction of the system.Any person with some ecological 
common sense knows that natural systems can only exist in 
dynamic balance. Unchecked growth of any part will destabilize 
any system until it collapses. 

  Now, in the existing monetary system there is a parameter 
that is constantly and with increasing speed growing: the 
money credits. This is caused by interest. It is strange, but 
most economists cannot accept the fact, that continuous growth 
of credit HAS to destabilize our whole economy again and again 
right through to breakdown. 

  Since the the division in economic, ecologic and social 
realms is not realy existant, the consquences are farreaching: 
Worldwide 95% of humanity work for the interest gains of 2%. 
More than half of this flow of interest gaoes to only a small 
part of the superrich: a few families and organisations 
controll about half of all money credits in this world. The 
problem is this: due to interest these already unimaginably 
rich have to accumulate more and more. 

  PLEASE NOTE: not only he who is personally in debt is paying 
interest, but IN ALL PRICES ARE ABOUT 30% INTEREST. We pay 
this with every purchase. And the interest part of the prices 
grows over proportion. Thus everyone has to continuously work 
more or become poorer and poorer, or some of both. Naturally 
this affects the economicly weak in this world the most. 

  Because of lacking understanding of the true connections 
potentially violent political tendencies are growing. In 
reality nobody is "guilty" for this situation, neither the 
wellfare-suckers, nor the immigrants, nor todays rich. But we 
are all responsible for it if we do not change such a system. 
And change we can only accomplish if we all work together. 

  Then the environment: in order to earn and pay the 
evergrowing laod of interest the economy has to constantly 
grow, with growing turnovers by all means, burning up 
resources and polluting the environment.If growth slows down 
(because we are approaching the natural limitations) it is 
artificially enhanced. Enterprises do this with massive 
manipulation (commercial advertisement), to induce a demand 
for the unnessesary. Governments do it by increasing the cash 
amount and throu artificial demand for things that nobody 
needs: armament, space project, nuclear industry and many 
other huge project that always go along with pressure on the 
environment. This is acepted because zero-growth of the 
economy threatens the functioning of the monetary system. In 
the current form of specialized society this could have really 
serious consequences. Depression and wars are announcing 
themselves if we try to avoid ecologic breakdown. So we can 
see that some major changes of the system are on historys 
agenda, one way or the other. 

  3. An improved System:
  Basic requirements in order to accomplish sustainable peace, 
healthy environs, prosperity, a rich culture and stable 
continuation of life are a new money system and a new way of 
dealing with real estate. Following is a brief explanation, 
details through our Homepage: 

  Possibilities to controll the money supply do exist. With 
this it can be regulated in a way that the inflation is a 
stable 0%. Money circulation can be ensured through a royalty 
rather than by interest. With a credit fee we can disconnect 
the debit interest and the credit interest. Thus the debit 
interest (the price of money) can regulate itself through 
supply and demand, while the credit interest is kept at zero. 
The difference as well as the royalty are public income and 
can substitute for other taxes and be used for the healing of 
the environmental destruction, better social structures, 
health in the world or whatever. 

  A new real estate law will take account of the fact, that 
land is as necessary for survival as air or water. Thus it has 
to be within the responsibility of the public (This does not 
affect the quarteracre for privat use). If this will be state, 
bio-regional council or local community is less important and 
will certainly vary. The utilization of the land has to remain 
private with longterm agreements, and with it the profit of 
personal input (sensible landmanagement provided). 

  IMPORTANT NOTICE: we are not intending to get our way with 
this suggestion. The point we want to make is this: there are 
other, better ways to do this money thing, and there is a way 
to REALLY get there. Once we are there, everyone will profit: 

  NATURE: becuse economy is release from the obligation to            
grow and more emphasis will be put on quality rather            
than quantity. 

  WOMEN AND CHILDREN: because being the last link in the          
chain they suffer the most. 

  THE POOR: this is obvious. 

  THE RICH: most of them would choose the cessation of           
further growth of their mony assets when they realize           
that this garantees a stable social system and prevents           
full loss due to hyperinflation or other social crisis. 

  POLITICIANS: because they will no longer be held           
responsible for problems that are beyond their power           
(inflation, unimployment, ecological problems). 

  CHURCHES AND SPIRITUAL GROUPS: in the sense of justice. 

  WORKERS: by less fear of loosing their jobs due to a stable          
worker market. 

  ENTERPRISES: mainly the small businesses and the housing-          
and agricultural sector, being indebted the most. Big          
enterprises will profit from an increase of longterm          
investment in the stock market. 

  ARTISTS: by increasing demands for their works. 

  The least seems to be in it for the superrich and the 
multinational corporations. But mos of the superrich are very 
capable people and in the top floors of the multis there are 
also people with understanding and families. In order to avoid 
any enemy images in case of them opposing the transition (in 
the beginning), we should keep in mind the following: it they 
in the beginning do resist the changes, they are not doing 
this because they are friends of the devil and want to see us 
all doomed. But they have a lot to loose and they are full of 
fear that things get only worse. But hopefully they realize 
that we are neither after their life nor after their money. 
All we ask is their cooperation to stop this automatic process 
of destruction of society and Mother Earth by workfree income. 


  4. Step by Step Plan for Implementation
 STEP 1: this letter spreads throughout the world like a 
wildfire            (please help!) 

 STEP 2 (parallel to 1): numerous concerned people take the           
issue into the publc, urging media and politicians to get           
going (participate!) 

 STEP 3: after firts results of step 2 will we go looking for            
financially potent allies for step 4 

 STEP 4: according to success of step 3 will we start a           
professional but honest and non-manipulative marketing           
campaign to inform everyone about the threatening           
connections, requirements of the times and possible           

 STEP 5: the dynamics of a bottom-up democratic process 


  5. Motivation:
Love is the answer while enemy images lead to destruction. 
Only global solidarity including the apparent beneficiaries of 
the current state of affairs will qualify us for the future. A 
global peaceful process for the restructuring of our economic 
system (so that it serves ALL people and nature) can open up a 
new dimension of being truly human.This is a historical 
moment. 3000 years from now people will still look back onto 
these days as the beginning of the new times. No longer are we 
allowing fear, hypnotic obligations and outdated master-slave 
strucutres to guide us to global self-destruction. We can 

  Maybe we are triggering the quantum leap of collective 
consciousness. Let us be ready for the next step of evolution: 
to experience and surrender ourselves consciously as executing 
parts of a greater acting oneness without losing our 
individuality, freedom of decision or ethical responsibility. 


  Next steps
 Let us get going NOW. What could be the next steps? 

  **  Copy this message and forward it to as many concerned       
people as possible. 

  **  Information/networking: on our WWW pageis a lot of 
information and links concerning the subject waiting for you.      
URL: http://www.comlink.apc.org/lav/ 

  **  Inform youself, copy it, distribute it in byte and 
paper.       Any feedback appreciated. 

  Let us urge politicians and media to take on this issue 
---> the existing monetary system destroys peace and future 
---> the existing monetary system abuses human rights 
---> the existing monetary system demands exploitation of       
---> the existing monetary system destroys quality of life 
---> we do not want to continue like this! 
---> now is the time for sincerety. 

  We have to be clear about the fact that now the basic 
structures of the governing world economic order are about to 
change. The necessary worldwide decentralized but concerted 
action requires a lot of responsible people. We need you. 
Please participate. 

              "To take from those that are in need
                 and give to those that have plenty,
              this is the way of the suppressing man. 

                The way of heaven takes from those
                   that have more than enough
                  and gives to those that need." 

                     (Tao Teh Ching, vers 77) 






  Viva la Evolution! 



  georg parlow 

  Projekt Leben, Art und Vielfalt