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This is the most comprehensive list of information about
Australian Lowline (Angus) cattle anywhere on the Internet.

Australian Lowline Cattle Association. This site contains information extracted from the Lowline Cattle Association brochure - Temporarily unavailable.

Broken Arrow Low Line Stud Originally from Flinders Island, Tasmania - Broken Arrow now operates a Lowline seedstock operation at Binalong, New South Wales.

BUNGAREE Lowline Cattle Stud The Bungaree Lowline Cattle Stud is located at Tamworth, New South Wales. This site includes photographs of Lowline cattle.

LOWLINE:ONLINE is a weekly Newsletter about Australian Lowline Cattle, and Agriculture in Australia generally. Hard copy and Web versions are published in alternate weeks.

LOWLINE MARKET PLACE This site features the "Wanna-Willa" Lowline Stud, located at Singleton, New South Wales, and includes photographs of the following Lowline Cattle: GI M410 "Broken Arrow Topaz" and TRA N317 "Broken Arrow Ruby Princess".

Superior Stock Selections are livestock brokers who specialize in miniature cattle such as Australian Lowlines, Miniature Herefords and Dexters, as well as Ostriches and Boer Goats.

Interested in miniature cattle? Check out other miniature breeds on the Internet.

If you have a query about Lowline Cattle, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.

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