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Title: Dreamtime Village

...information concerning the becoming of Dreamtime Village, a rural experiment in combining the ancient technology of permaculture with the unlimited possibilties of hypermedia arts...

Dreamtime Village is emerging as an experiment in ecovillage design whose mission is to create new planetary culture. By consciously drawing from the more bio-diverse & imaginative resources of present-day & ancient cultures, we endlessly garden the complex interface between plant, animal & human worlds. We understand that each realm works under the same universal co-creative principles. Our challenge is to design a landscape where we can create art that is functional, alive, & fantasmagorical while simultaneously serving as an eco-village demonstration and a hands-on learning environment for people of all ages ( DREAMLAB). As cultural anarchists we delight in discovery, innovation & experimentation. We lean towards open-systems & self-organization, preferring to let the life of the eco-village incubate & grow as an organism in itself.

Dreamtime Village facilities consist of 80 acres of woods, wetlands, gardens & orchards within an 8-mile radius of the tiny town of West Lima, Wisconsin. Six older buildings include a 2-story former school on 3 acres with attached full-size gymnasium & quonset hut. This building houses a library, woodworking, drummaking & craft shop & large multi-purpose meeting room. Also in the works are a certified kitchen, ceramics studio & multi-media lab. These existing facilities & land serve as a hub for radiating circles of Dreamtime residents, kindred homesteaders & offshoot projects. Long-range plans include establishing a community land trust for stewardship of Dreamtime acreage & a food/shelter coop for village residents, interns and Dreamtime friends & visitors.

DREAMLAB stands for Driftless Re-learning Environment for Alternative Media, Living Arts & Biodiversity. A school-without-walls for students of all ages and backgrounds, DREAMLAB is dedicated to learning experiences not usually found in institutional settings, including information access, workshops, internships & a Summer Practicum in Sustainable Living.

Dreamtime Village & DREAMLAB are projects of Xexoxial Endarchy, Ltd., a non-profit intermedia arts & education organization. You can help support these projects through tax-deductible sponsorship or subscription to our newsletter, Dreamtime Talkingmail. If you are interested in village-made, sustainably produced items such as seed jewelry, music instruments, & wands keep an eye on Driftless Planetware online mailorder catalogue.


Rt 1 Box 131
LaFarge, WI 54639

office: 608-528-4619
e-mail: dreamtimeV@aol.com

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