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Title: Permaculture

Welcome to Permaculture Japan Suite

Bill Mollison (1928-)

Permaculture is a linked notion of PERMAnent and AgriCULTURE created by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. Its goal is to design sustainable food production systems and to establish an interrelationship with all living things without conflicting the natural ecosystem.

Since there are little information on Permaculture in Japan, I interpret the ideas of Bill Mollison, create a Japanese version of Permaculture Home Page, and introduce how to practice it. Those who are able to display Japanese characters on your computers, please visit the Japanese version. For the people in overseas, I introduce an English version of Dr. Tsuneo Taguchi, who is a honorary professor of Ochanomizu University, translated Bill Mollison's book "Permaculture - A Designers' Manual" into Japanese, and has been practicing Permaculture for 15 years in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. I translated his articles on a Japanese newspaper "Tochigi Yomiuri."

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