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Regarding comments about putting newsletters on SANET -- A few years ago I
was asked to post our CSAS bi-monthly newsletters to SANET, which I was
happy to do. I put "CSAS Newsletter" in the subject line so anyone who does
not wish to read it online can easily delete it from their mail menu. The
suggestion to put the Table of Contents at the beginning is a good one, and
I think most of us who post newsletters do that. I like not having a
separate process to access the newsletters that come via e-mail, because it
is so easy to delete without  retrieving the entire document. Do some people
have systems that don't have this capability? Our newsletter is also
available via our web site:
and I could easily post the TOC to SANET with directions on how to retrieve
it on our web page. What do other sanetters think? Should all of us who
currently post newsletters go that route instead of posting the actual
newsletter to SANET? Please respond to SANET so others can see your messages.
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