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Title: American Farmland Trust's Home Page

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General Information Sites

THOMAS, Legislative Information on the Internet

The White House (and Presidential materials)


House of Representatives

FedWorld (Federal Information Online)

U.S. Historical Documents

U.S. Census Bureau

Library of Congress Home Page

US Postal Service Address Quality & ZIP Code Lookup

Yahoo (offers broad subject access to the Internet)


the C-SPAN networks

Old Farmers Almanac

Virtual Tourist I (registered Internet resources by state)

Virtual Tourist II (information on states and cities)

Agricultural Information Sites

WWW Virtual Library - Agriculture

Agricultural Information Servers

NCREMP Network Server, a multi-state extension materials database

Agriculture and Food

Farm*A*Syst/Home*A*Syst: Pollution Prevention for Farms and Homes

Owenlea Farm Home Page

McLean County Farm Bureau


1995 Farm Bill

ASAE - Agricultural/Biological/Environmental Links

AgriGator * U.S. State Agricultural Sites

Agricultural Economics Internet Resources USDA Economic Research Service

OSU's Breeds of Livestock

Ag and conservation organizations

Environmental Organization WebDirectory

Environmental Organizations (from EcoNet)

Conservation Technology Information Center

Soil and Water Conservation Society

Environmental Working Group

Foundation E.A.R.T.H. / Harmony Farms

Council for Agricultural Science & Technology (CAST)

Land & Water Systems Partnership

Greenbelt Alliance

Marin Agricultural Land Trust

The Trust for Public Land

Farm Bill Materials

1995 Farm Bill Information (Institute of Agriculture & Natural Resources, University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

1996 Farm Bill from USDA

1995 Farm Bill (ES-USDA)

Ag Publications

Farm Journal Today

Progressive Farmer Online

Agriculture Online

AGRINEWS from Chicago Board of Trade

State Departments of Agriculture

Illinois Department of Agriculture

North Carolina Department of Agriculture

Ohio Department of Agriculture's Internet Home Page

Oregon Dept of Agriculture

State Governments Listed by State


INTELLiCast Home Page

Business & Market Information

Business Update (Reuters NewMedia/internetMCI)

Security APL Market Watch from Security APL (refreshed every three minutes; 20 minute delay)

Chicago Board of Trade

Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Commerce Net

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