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Subject: Plants For A Future Database

Dear Friend,

        Thanks for the interest you have shown in Plants For A Future,
below are a few things you may find intresting.

First the big news: the PFAF database of 7000 useful plants is now online.
You can access this via the URL 
many thanks should go to Lee Flier who has spent much of the summer
creating the online version, which looks really good and works a treat.

Apart from that the main web site 
had a bit of a workover in July/August, theres a new version of the
catalogue, and some of the larger pages have been split up for easier
browsing. As well as the site now features backgrounds and some
pictures. Some new leaflets and the 96/97 catalogue should appear in
the near future.

The plants for a future project itself is doing well, and they are getting
closer to financial self-suficiency, with the income from catalogue sales.
There were a few setbacks with a refusal of planning permision for a
new polytunnel and a failed bid for some adjacient land. 

The respose to the web site has been great, over 200 people have
written to us. We've had corespondants from all over: finland to Hawaii
and about all sorts of things: soap making, educational projects, and
herbs used by Robert the Bruce!  These emails have nicely reflected the
diversity of people intrested in permaculture, and have given me
a much more positive outlook on the state of the planet, thank you all.

Some time in the future the pfaf web site will have to move, I'm on
the lookout for good ISP's, if you know of any please let me know.

        Hope your gardens bloom