Re: Plant Suppliers

Mr R.J. Morris wrote:
> Hullo Folks,
>         One of the most frequent questions I get ask by people looking
> at the Plants For A Future web site is
> :
>         do you know any where in the US where I could get some
>         of the unusual permaculture plants?
> Living in the UK its kind of a hard question to answer. So I though
> I'd ask the list. I'd quite like to compile a page with lists of
> good suppliers in various bio-reagions. Any help much appreciated,
> in particular does any one know places to get some of the Crataegus Species
> (Hawthorns).

Hi Rich...

This idea of bioregional lists of suppliers of plant material is an 
idea which has been floating around the Sydney (Australia) region 
permaculture network for some time.

At the International Permaculture Convergence which ended in Perth, 
Western Australia, only a few days ago, Jude Fanton of the Seed Savers 
Network called a meeting to raise the idea of a global listing of 
suppliers of non-hybrid seed and other plant material.

There was considerable interest in this and it will be raised again at 
the annual Seed Savers Network conference in Brisbane at the end of 
this month.

Later, participants split into climatic biozones which discussed the 
practicality of carrying out such a project. The idea of a global seed 
exchange figured in talks.

Sorry I have no details to send you, but they are yet to be developed. 
If you like, I can report back to you following the Seed Savers 
Network conference in a couple weeks to let you know if progress has 
been made.

Would you be interested in participating in such a venture by 
compiling the contact details and other information about non-hybrid 
seed suppliers in the UK?

Liam, who is connected with Permanent Publications in the UK and who 
lives in a city called Bath was at the Permaculture Conference and 
will be attending the Seed Savers Conference in Briosbane. As well, 
there will be other people, some from developing countries, attending 
the conference.

If you like, I'll pass on the fact that you are interested to the Seed 
Savers Conference and to Liam.

Is there anything we can pason to the Seed Savers Conference for you?

Sorry I can't help with information you seek about sources in the USA. 

Good to hera from you...

...Russ Grayson, Fiona Campbell

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