Margaret Van Emmerik's Home Page


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Title: Margaret Van Emmerik's Home Page

Margaret Van Emmerik's Home Page

This web page was created by ME!
Last updated: 23 JUNE 1996.

This page is still under construction. The information in this page is not designed to be the definitive answer to anything but more as a collection of items that have taken my fancy for one reason or another. Enjoy. Any comments etc. please e-mail me.

You will see my Slug and Snail FAQ under the gardening entry or you can link to it from here if you wish.

It has a mate in the Earwig FAQ which was constructed along the same lines as the Slug and Snail FAQ, but considerably shorter. Both have been compiled mainly from the various contributions made by contributors to the newsgroups rec.gardens and aus.gardens. If you have any constructive additions (preferably organic) to the FAQs please e-mail me.

Summary of interests