The Permaculturist's Bookshelf: Water Bioengineering

Patricial Ledlie Bookseller, Inc. carries a huge collection
of books on conservation biology.  They carry many of the classic 
reference works you will only find in a university library. Topics 
such as: 

 * ecosystems-landscape ecology-ecological restoration
 * neotropics
 * birds 
 * botany
 * fish-amphibians-reptiles
 * insects-invertebrates
 * mammals 

The Fall Catalog No. 66 listed one title of particular 
interest for The Permaculturist's Bookshelf: 

Water Bioengineering Techniques by H.M. Schiechtl.  1996. 
Blackwell Science.  256 p.  
  "This book explores the many ways in which vegetation 
   can be used to protect and stablize riverbanks, streams,
   and lakeshores." 

Cost is $70, due for release in early 1997. 

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