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Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 12:31:17 WST
From: Victor Guest <vic@daena.eepo.com.au>
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Subject: Time to "go around the room" - Sign in - (fwd)

> From:       The Center for Holistic Resource Management <chrm@igc.apc.org> 
> Subject:    Time to "go around the room"  - Sign in - 
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> From:       Center for Holistic Management <chrm@igc.apc.org>
> Subject:    Time to "go around the room"  - Sign in - 
> Ok, it looks like here at the center we've conquered our fear of
> technology and actually merged these two conferences successfully ! 
> In response to Ken's request we would like to have you all sign in
> and say hello. Let us know a bit of your background, your experience
> with Holistic Management, but particularly let us know of your
> plans, projects, wild hopes and intentions with Holistic Management.
> Perhaps even ideas on how you think this forum can serve us best...
> This is the place where we can create new territory and new
> networks. You all *are* the practitioners out there, lets use this
> resource as fully, deeply and creativly as we can !  

(This is probably a good request to send out to all chrm people since 
it has been awhile since we have done this and we probably have many 
new people on-line with great things to share.  I am taking the 
initiative to ask others on chrm-general to also do the same, if they 

I have a few minutes to finally respond to this note.  I am driving 
with my wife to give a presentation about holistic management and our 
Washington state project for a large group of Tilth Producers at 
Leavenwoth.  I have a computer notebook on my lap, catching up with 
my mail.  Pretty amazing world - what technology has done for us.

I know most of you and visa versa, however, for those I don't know, 
here are some thoughts about me.

I am a Certified Educator (new lingo) and first was trained with holistic 
management in 1985-86.  I have had numerous opportunities to practice 
and teach holistic management including as Regional Director of Texas 
and Oklahoma in 1986-87, at an Hawaiian ranch on Maui in 1987, on a 
hunting ranch with exotic animals in Texas in 1988, with community work 
focusing on grazing, logging, and growth management in northern California 
in 1989 to 91, as the lead natural resource planner at the Colville Indian 
Reservation from 1992 to 1994, and finally, with the Kellogg Project 
from 1995 to present.

All my work has been designed to give me a deep understanding of 
practicing holistic management and facilitating it's use as a decision 
making process from individual and small operations to large entities at a 
societal level.  My recent work with the Colville Tribe gave me the 
opportunity to fine tune my skills in a "national" setting.  I have learned 
much.  I have set a personal objective of seeing the United States 
government practicing holistic management, as the Coville Tribe is 
beginning to do, by 2005.

I am currently the Project Coordinator for the Kellogg funded Washington 
State University Holistic Management Project.  We are approaching our 
half way mark in our four year project.  I am extremely pleased with the 
progress to date and the influence and presence we are having throughout 
Washington, the Northwest, the US, and internationally.

Don Nelson and a team of people from Washington developed the original 
proposal by January 1994 at which time I joined our work at the tribe 
with the statewide effort.  We are building capacity in 158 people (plus) 
across our state.  50% of our people are ranchers/farmers, about 20% work 
for a reservation, 15% are government employees, 10% work for the 
university, and 5% represent the environmental community.  The group is 
very diverse.  Our expectations are for these people to become, first, 
practitioners, then teachers of holistic management.  Our expectations are 
being realized.

One of my major focuses is "how" to get people, from the individual level 
up to a societal level, to adopt the holistic decision making model.  
My hope is that I can be instrumental in creating a better world for 
my children.  I believe simply being exposed to the holistic decision 
making model doesn't change people's behaviors.

Consequently, looking at the weak link in adopting holistic decision 
making, I am using the consensus building process to shift people's 
beliefs, which changes their behaviors, and consequently affects their 
strategies and actions.

My hope it that this conference is a place of continued learning and 
growth for people who want to provide the highest quality of holistic 
management learning experiences.  One concern I have for this 
conference is that people using it learn not to tell others "the right way".  
As I see it, everyone sees the world as they are, not as the world is.  I am 
getting enough age and experience in my life now to have observed that 
even the "experts" change, grow and learn with time.  Individuals who 
said "it can only be done this way", now do it "that" way.  And vis a versa.  

So, a request to all who use this conference, respect other people.  It 
will keep this listserv as a place to learn, grow, and become enriched.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond.

Jeff Goebels (I think although I have only the return mail address) has 
shared an interesting perspective on HM, with access to a ever increasing
network of people.
                   Vic Guest.