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Thought this might be of interest to some of you out there....
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     The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) said March 8 that it has
established a  "Center of Excellence for Sustainable
Development," described in a news release as "a pilot program
that will help small communities . . . protect the environment
for future generations while promoting economic development."

     The center will offer information and technical advice to
help communities become more energy efficient and environmentally
sound.  It will also provide a "tool kit" of workbooks, computer
programs and data for guidance on sustainable development
projects ranging from "green" buildings to neighborhoods that
waste less energy. Communities can review case studies of
successful community projects and research technical and
financial programs that can provide further assistance.
Experienced personnel will be on hand to consult with local

     The center's World Web site (address below) includes basic
information on renewable energy sources, wind energy among them,
and contact information for some wind turbine manufacturers.  Its
section on "Success Stories" also contains renewable energy
projects, one being the "Midwest Wind Energy Project" carried out
by the municipal utility in Waverly, Iowa, which installed a
single wind turbine in 1994 to gain familiarity with wind

     "By offering assistance at the local level, we hope to help
communities adopt practices that range from pedestrian walkways
to environmentally friendly sources of energy," said Secretary of
Energy Hazel O'Leary. "Communities with the foresight to adopt
sustainable development strategies will find they save taxpayer
money, improve the profits and productivity of local businesses
and make the community much more liveable."

     The center grew out of DOE's assistance to Midwest towns
devastated by the 1993 floods. DOE helped communities rebuild
using sustainable development strategies, which integrate
economic development and environmental quality goals. This
assistance will be offered nationwide during a six-month
demonstration period.  Two of the towns that benefited from the
DOE program after the floods, Pattonsburg, Mo., and Valmeyer,
Ill., were honored March 7 by the President's Council on
Sustainable Development. With federal assistance, Pattonsburg is
replacing flood-devastated buildings with energy-efficient
designs, building better water-quality systems and creating a new
power supply using renewable energy. Valmeyer also is embracing
energy-efficient design for buildings.

     DOE's Denver Regional Support Office will manage the
program. Interested communities can contact the center toll-free
at (800) 357-7732 or via the center's "home page" on the World
Wide Web at <http://www.crest.org/doe/sustainable>.


The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has authorized me to offer
an electronic edition of its newsletter, _Wind Energy Weekly_, from
which the above article is excerpted (from a back issue), at no cost.

For those of you who have not previously seen excerpts from back
issues, the _Weekly_ reports on the outlook for renewable energy,
energy-related environmental issues, and renewable energy
legislation in addition to wind industry trade news.  The
electronic edition normally runs about 10kb in length. 

The free electronic edition of the _Weekly_ is intended as an educational
publication for those without a commercial interest in the wind energy 
industry.  If your interest in wind is commercial in nature, please write to
<windmail@mcimail.com> for more information about AWEA membership and

If you would like a free electronic subscription, send me an e-mail
request.  Please include information on your position, organization, and
reason for interest in the publication. 

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