egidio reale wrote:
>          Would you know something particularly about tropical (marine,
> semi-arid) habitats?  I'd like to organise an ecologically-sensitive house with cultivation of the sandy soil.

I don't know anything about semi-arid tropical habitats - we're in a 
warm temperate coastal region with high rainfall.

There is a woman in Western Australia - Julie Firth - who gardens in a 
Mediterranean habitat which has dryland characteristics for part of the 

She has written a small book called "Permaculture Garden Guidelines for 
Dryland Coastal Regions".

She doesn't have email but her postal address is: Julie Firth, Yilgarn 
Traders, Dryland Permaculture Research Farm, Lot 12, David Road, 
Waggrakine, Western Australia 6530.

>It is by the sea, do you know anything about possible uses of sea >water?  Do you know of any passive solar distiller models?

I know of none commercially available. 

Murdoch University's Remote Area Development Unit has developed a small 
solar desalinator for use in remote Aboriginal inland communities where 
ground water is salty and requires treatment to make it fit for human 

You might obtain information on this and perhaps further informnation 
about where you could track down the information you need from Martin 
Anda at - anda@essun1.murdoch.edu.au - at the unit in Western Australia.

Another potential source of information would be the Intermediate 
Technology development Group in Lindon. I don't have an email for them.

Hope you find your information...

...Russ Grayson

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