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community_garden-digest     Wednesday, 4 December 1996     Volume 01 : Number 113

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From: tom@marion.ces.purdue.edu (Tom Tyler)
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 16:52:32 -0500
Subject: lost slides from ACGA conference

To the readers of the Community Garden Listserve:

If anyone knows a Martin Kemple who attended the
ACGA Conference in Montreal, let me know.  I still have
his slides from the Friday Slide Show and have no idea 
how to contact him.

Tom Tyler

From: Cathy Rymer <crymer@ag.Arizona.EDU>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 12:12:06 -0700
Subject: Community Gardening Conference

"COMMUNITY GARDENING: Beyond Food Production"

Join the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension service and the Atlanta
Urban Gardening Program as they present the Southeastern Regional Conference
of the American Community Gardening Association(ACGA) on February 6-9, 1997
at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, Georgia.

Participants will learn about the role that gardening can play with
individuals and communities beyond the production of food.  This conference
will provide participants with a wealth of knowledge about the use of
gardening as a strategy in linking communities, building relationships,
integrating school curricula, working with children and developing leadership.

Workshop topics include:
Gardening as a Treatment Strategy
Market Gardening in the Inner City
The World of Composting
Better Nutrition From Gardens
A Workshop for Children (Ages 8-12)
Alternative Funding for Gardening Activities
Integrative Plantings: Vegetables, Fruits, Berries and Ornamentals
...plus much more

Accommodations are reasonable and registration is below $100.00; partial
scholarships are available.  Site visitations will provide the opportunity
to meet some of the local community gardeners.

Registration is due by January 10, 1997.  If you intend to submit material
for a presentation, please respond by December 19th.

Please write to the Atlanta Urban Gardening Program, Extension Education
Center, 1757 Washington Road, East Point, GA 30344.  Or call (404) 762-4077,
fax (404) 762-3117 if you need any further information or assistance.

Cathy Rymer
(602) 470-8086
Ext: 308

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