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Subject: Sustainable Soil Fertility Seminar/Dr. Albrecht System/Neal Kinsey
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Free Public Lecture on Sustainable Soil Fertility
by Neal Kinsey

Date: February 9, 1997

Location: Valley Center, CA

The introductory lecture precedes a five-day short course on the
Albrecht principles of sustainable soil fertility taught by Neal
Kinsey.  The short course combines the principles of feeding and
balancing soils with very practical information for hands-on use, and
a visual anthology of implementation results in field work around the
globe over the past two decades.  To register for the free
introductory lecture call 619-749-9634 or fax 619-749-0720 anytime.


5-Day Short Course on the Albrecht System of Sustainable Soil
by Neal Kinsey

Dates: February 10-14, 1997 
	 (Early registration discount by Jan 1.)

Location: Valley Center, CA

"Feeding and Balancing The Soil" will be taught by Neal Kinsey, author
of "Neal Kinsey's Hands-On Agronomy."  Participants will learn about
the properties of the soil and how those properties interact to affect
the condition and health of the soil and the plants; how the laws of
chemistry affect the physics of the soil; about nutrient balancing and
how to use field-tested and proven sustainable methods to increase
yields and profitability. Kinsey, who studied under Dr. William
Albrecht, has over 20 years of field experience in 35 countries and 47
US states.  This provides compelling evidence of the efficacy of the
Albrecht system with a wide range of crops, soils, and climatic

The sustainable soil fertility short course is sponsored by:

- USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, San Diego Field Office
- The Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County
- The Center For Living In Harmony

For course information, book, or audio transcripts call 619-749-9634
or fax 619-749-0720.


For a discussion of Neal Kinsey's fertility management practices and
successes he has had with farmers, see the front page article,
"Balancing Act," in the November 1996 issue of "Acres, USA" available
from info@acresusa.com.

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