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Subject: New Book:  Essays on Ecological Spirituality
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New Book:  Essays on Ecological Spirituality

Dear Colleagues:

I have recently published a book entitled "Deeper Ecology: Essays on
Ecological Spirituality," which outlines and discusses a protocol for the
preservation and restoration of global ecology, wildlife populations, and
ecosystems based on the degredation due to human exploitation.  This book
also delves into the =93connectedness=94 aspect of humans to the natural =
with my own personal reflections on our role in the scheme of the finer
workings of the world=92s flora and fauna.  The Journal of Mammalogy is
planning to review this book in the near future.  I invite you to read a
sample of the text; at the following website:


     Ordering instructions for the book are shown there as well.  The cos=
has been reduced to $7.95 per copy.  If you cannot access this page, plea=
e-mail me for the information.

     Thank you very much,
     David Doyle
     Wildlife Ecologist

P.S.  My apologies for any cross-postings and/or duplications of this

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