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Title: Permaculture

Permaculture in Western Australia


  • Conference [New]
    Sixth International Permaculture Conference & Convergence
    "Designing for a Sustainable Future"
    Scheduled for 27th September - 7th October 1996 in Perth, Western Australia.

  • Local organisations

  • PAWA [New]
    Permaculture Association of Western Australia
    The Association exists to promote Permaculture in WA. Among our regular activities are monthly meetings, field days, workshops and design exercises.

  • PIWA
    [Under construction] Permaculture Institute of Western Australia
    Web page under construction, currently only contains PIWA contact details. (Will contain PIWA members' information and contact details)

  • PermaLETS
    [Under construction] Permaculture LET System
    Non-cash trading system for permies.