going into translation

NEWS for 1997 - we going into our first translation!!! our first course translation will be in Spanish.
Professional translators are encouraged to trade translation for payment of course fees.
This is the scenario:

Our students are supplied with a big store of information (450 a4 pages) on concepts and technologies; the course is updated weekly, with the most useful input, we've discovered, coming from the wide range of students - they enjoy reading each others ideas.  Each student has a personal tuition and feedback - via email or post.  
We serve students who are committed to understanding the complex solutions for global problems.  The students are usually very well read, practical and self-motivated.  they work in isolation well and so are valuable to permaculture in that they are on the edge, they are real pioneers.
We are very proud of the standard of the graduates.  It is very high, they are active as writers and leaders in permaculture.  The notes our presented in Plain English, are sent on paper or (9) discs for PC and Mac.  There is unlimited feedback, no exams and self-paced learning.

We can see that translation is the next step and finally this is starting!!
Being Australian, and having a very mixed culture here with no formal second
language - even our indigenous tribes have a different languages - I'd
appreciate ideas on 
how to maximise the benefits, 
avoid any pitfalls, and 
direct people to good literature and resources available to them in their own language.

Leisure Coast Permaculture Visions