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Lawrence F. London, Jr. - Venaura Farm - Chapel Hill, NC, USA
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mailto:llondon@nuteknet.com  http:nuteknet.com/london  Venaura Farm
Title: Farmer to Farmer
Farmer to Farmer
Cover picture for Volume 1, Number 1

July 1993 Volume 1 Number 1


Farm Profile

The 1992 Sheppard Ranch Success Story


Did Katy Do This? Yes....Katydid

Farmer's Journal

The Dog That Couldn't Catch A Rabbit

Building Your Soil

The Role of Earthworms In Healthy Soils

Farmer Speaks Out

A Move Toward Natural Farming

Watershed Report

Summary Of The Central Valley Improvement Act

Pesticide Report

What's Next?

Plum Loco

An original recipe for a Friar Plum Sauce Recipe

Who's Going Organic?

Retailers and Manufacturers Comment on the Demand for Organic Cotton

The Lighthouse Farm Campaign

Extending Transitional Farming Techniques in California
Includes current dates, times and places for Fall, 1994 meetings

About Farmer to Farmer Volume 1 Number 1

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