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Planning for Sustainable Agriculture

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"The Plains" Murgon, Qld

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"J.V. Gympie, Queensland" "I enjoyed very much..."
Full text of a brief letter received August 8, three weeks after office consultation.

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Keyline Designs Book Service

Keyline Designs is the publisher and distributor of the book:

"Water for Every Farm - Yeomans Keyline Plan"

Compiled, updated and edited by
Ken B. Yeomans H.D.A., M.A.T.A.
from work and writings of, his father, the late
P.A. Yeomans.

This book on the Keyline system is in both metric and imperial measurement.

Superb Landcare for Sustainable Agriculture.

Letter received dated 2 August 1996

" I read a copy of "Water for Every Farm". I think it's brilliant. The best solution I have read to supply all our water needs. As I have a background in geology and interest in perma-culture, quassi-biodymanics (anything organic), I visualise a holistic approach to sustainable land use and care…"

Gwandalan, NSW Australia.

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Keyline Designs Consulting Service

Well-designed landscapes are beautiful and highly productive. In Australia and elsewhere Keyline Designs brings the order of permanence into decision making for rural land design.

Increased profits come from reduced production costs and increased productivity. This is done most efficiently in a landscape specifically designed to achieve this result.

The application of Keyline Designs results in a custom made property plan. Keyline reveals the potential as well as developing the unique features of each property. Keyline plans for optimised farm water utilisation and improving soil fertility.

Your Keyline Designs consultant will reveal the Keyline potential of your property.

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Keyline Designs Mapping Service

Land planning is facilitated by contoured maps. When these contour maps overlay rectified (true-to-scale) aerial photograph, more comprehensive planning can be achieved. It is a good investment to obtain a contoured aerial photograph of your land. These photo-maps can also be produced in a digital format.

Three dimensional, digital terrain models (DTM) can be produced from the coordinated height information used to generate the contour maps.

Keyline designs can help you obtain the DTM data and a contoured photo-map of your land.

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Keyline is a set of principles, techniques and systems, which coordinate into a development plan for rural and urban landscapes. The result is a strategic master plan to develop the natural or existing landscape through regeneration and enhancement.

On Keyline properties the typical vistas are of lakes with water birds, roads along the contours and ridge lines, contour tree belts, healthy crops and green pasture growing in dark fertile soil.

View of original Keyline farm Nevallan Load a three times enlargement of this view.

Keyline is ostensibly for rural property planning and is superb Landcare. It features large on farm irrigation dams with interlinked graded channels that divert rainfall run-off into them. Flat land flood irrigation at up to sixteen hectares per hour and flood irrigation of undulating grass land. The road systems of Keyline following the water channels and ridge lines.

Avenues of trees are left or planted parallel to the roads and channels and as well as in tiered contoured forests. Better building sites become revealed and then fences and gateways can be positioned more strategically. Within this harmonious design soil regeneration can occur by deepening the bio-fertility of the topsoil and converting subsoil into living topsoil. This is achieved partially by soil aeration, which increases water absorption, also by an amplified contour cultivation pattern, which prevents soil wash and by using an enhanced cell grazing design for "rational" grazing. Incidental results are the healing of soil erosion and salinity and better stock health.

In a rural setting Keyline is far more than a unique combination of water conservation and farming with nature. Keyline completely supersedes the widely imposed but misconceived concept of Soil Conservation. One of the typical benefits of Keyline is the rapid development of living soil.

When Keyline Design is applied to urban design the contour roads will assist low energy transport. Water storage within the suburban area will be both picturesque and provide a readily available supply of water for irrigation of suburban gardens and park. It was back in the 1970's that the originator of Keyline, the late P. A. Yeomans proposed the use of Keyline methods to create City Forests for sewage effluent utilisation. Blue line

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