Biodiversity and Ecosystems NEtwork (BENE)


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Title: Biodiversity and Ecosystems NEtwork (BENE)

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Biodiversity and Ecosystems NEtwork (BENE)

The Biodiversity and Ecosystems NEtwork, BENE, is designed to foster enhanced communications and collaborations among those interested in biodiversity conservation and ecosystem protection, restoration, and management.

Navigation in BENE

In the menu bar above, and in the ascii list just below it, there are several portals of access to information in BENE to chose from. Note the 'brown' background of the top BENE menu bar, which designates the 'active' location -- this is where you are now, on the BENE Home Page (clicking on the top menu bar, or on the Earth image, will always bring you back here). The buttons on the menu bar will indicate where you are at other locations as you travel in BENE.

  1. Home Page of BENE.
  2. Information has a many pointers to external sources of information, including international, government, universities and museums, etc. A good place to start looking for information.
  3. Search provides an interface to search either BENE or BIN21 (see next) WWW space.
  4. BIN21: BENE is a node of the Biodiversity Information Network 21, which is also a good starting point for looking for information in the international community.
  5. Projects are efforts among the BENE community to provide new means of access to information on a number of topics.
  6. Resources are additional BENE information tools, including HyperMail and Gopher archives of the BENE Email ListServer, anonymous ftp, etc.
  7. History provides some background information on the origins of the BENE Partnership.

Table of Contents

A Table of Contents (TOC) and Index for the BENE WWW provides a overview (in outline format) of the pointers included in the above topics.


Comments and suggestions from BENE users are most welcome, either via our BENE Email Form, or email directly to us (see below).

Leland Ellis (leland@straylight.tamu.edu)
Steve Young (young.steve@epamail.epa.gov)


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