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Title: Agriculture WWWs

Agriculture WWWs


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| Global Positioning Systems | Government | Industry | International |
| Laboratories | Publications | Sustainable Agriculture | Universities |
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Dot American Association for the Advancement of Science
Dot AgResearch NEW (added 10/28/96)
Dot American Dairy Science Association
Dot American Farm Bureau
Dot American Institute of Biological Sciences
Dot American Society of Agronomy
Dot American Society of Animal Science
Dot APSnet (American Phytopathological Society)
Dot American Society for Horticultural Science
Dot Crop Science Society of America (CSSA)
Dot Farm Quality Assurance Scheme for Northern ireland
Dot National Academy of Sciences
Dot National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC) NEW (added 8/2/96)
Dot Oregon Berry Commission
Dot Oregon Hop Commission
Dot SAREP - Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
Dot Society of Nematologists
Dot Soil and Water Conservation Society
Dot Soil Science Society of America
Dot Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
Dot Teaching Agricultural Safety to Kids
Dot Weed Science Society of America


Dot 24TH Central Alfalfa Improvement Conference
Dot Sustainable Agriculture Conference


Dot Crop Index
Dot CropNet NEW (added 11/11/96)
Dot Specialty Crops
Dot Integrated Approach to Crop Research NEW (added 10/31/96)
Dot Soil Facts


Dot Project Barley


Dot The Bean Bag (a newsletter)
Dot CropEXPERT - Legumes

Poisonous Plants

Dot Cornell University Poisonous Plants Page


Dot NCSU's TurfFiles
Dot Turfgrass Information Center
Dot Turfgrass Managers Information system


Dot Agriculture Census
Dot American Agricultural Economics Association Web Site
Dot Global Energy Marketplace (GEM)
Dot USDA/Economic Research Service

Global Positioning Systems

Dot Global Positioning System Overview
Dot Hand held GPS in Back Country
Dot Remote Sensing/GIS/GPS Data and Information


Dot Agricultural Databases for Decision Support (ADDS) Projects
Dot Agricultural Genome Information Server (AGIS)
Dot Agriculturally related U.S. government agencies
Dot Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC)
Dot Biofuels Information Network
Dot Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) NEW (added 9/19/96)
Dot Current Research Information Sevice (CRIS)/USDA
Dot Environmental Protection Agency
Extension Service/USDA
dot Farm Service Agency/USDA

Pin Financial Support NEW (added 8/9/96)
Pin Jobs NEW (added 8/9/96)
Dot Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) NEW (added 10/11/96)
Dot Government Information Sharing Project at Kerr Library
Dot National Agriculture library
Dot National Park Service
Dot National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)/USDA
Dot National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dot U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (login as "bbs")
Dot U.S. State Experiment Station and Extension Service locations
Dot U.S. State Fact Sheets by the USDA/Econimic Reseaerch Service
Dot USDA/Agricultural Research Service
Dot USDA/Cooperative State Research Education and Extension Service
Dot USDA/ Current Research Information Sevice (CRIS)
Dot USDA/Economic Research Service
USDA/Extension Service
dot USDA/Farm Service Agency
Pin Financial Support NEW (added 8/9/96)
Pin Jobs NEW (added 8/9/96)
dot USDA/Forest Service
dot USDA/Natural Resource Conservation Service
Dot USDOI/Bureau of Indian Affairs
Dot USDOI/Bureau of Land Management


Dot Agriculture Online
Dot Cargill Hybrid Seeds Online
Dot CERES Online
Dot Clark Consulting International, Inc.
Dot INCOTEC - Integrated Coating and Seed Technology


Dot CGIAR - Consultative Group on Internatioanl Agricultural Research.


Dot Agriculture Western Austrailian NEW (added 9/16/96)
Dot Australian Agriculture (AgNet) NEW (added 9/17/96)
Dot Austrailian Dairy Industry Council
Dot Australian Department of Primary Industries & Energy - Agriculture NEW (added 9/17/96)
Dot Dairy Australia


Dot Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Dot Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Electronic Information Service NEW (added 8/9/96)
Dot Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada - Saskatoon research Centre Forages Page
Dot Agriweb Canada
Dot Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
Dot Canadian Forage Council


Dot Beijing Agricultural University


Dot European Agricultural Multimedia Network


Dot Farm Quality Assurance Scheme for Northern ireland
Dot Silage harvesting operations

New Zealand

Dot AgResearch NEW (added 10/28/96)
Dot Gateway to New Zealand Science
Dot Graze-L

United Kingdom

Dot Institute of Grassland & Environmental Research (IGER)
Dot UK Plant Genetic Resource Group

United Nations

Dot UN Food and Agricultural Organization (UN FAO)

United States


Dot University of Florida AgriGator site


Dot MidWest Plan Service


Dot Mississippi Forages


Dot Oklahoma Forages


Dot Oregon Berry Commission
Dot Oregon CSS Extension IS (future)
Dot Oregon Hop Commission


Dot Australia Vietnam Science-Technology


Dot Oscar E. Olson Biochemistry Labs


Dot American Farmland Trust List of Publications.

Sustainable Agriculture

Dot Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems NEW (added 11/25/96)
Dot Current Projects
Dot Links to Other Sites
Dot Sustainable Agriculture Conference
Dot Sustainable Agriculture Links
Dot Sustainable Agriculture Network NEW (added 11/12/96)
Dot Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program


Dot The Center for Natural Resource Information Technology
Dot Cornell University Forage Course
Dot Ecology & Evolutionalry Biology at the University of Connecticut
Dot Institute of Food Technologists
Dot The World Lecture Hall

Sights Listing Other sights

Dot Ag-Links
Dot Agricultural-related Mailing Lists
Dot AgriLaunch
Dot Australian Department of Primary Industries & Energy - Agriculture NEW (added 9/17/96)
Dot Commercial Sites for Agriculture
Dot Farmland Information Library
Dot Global Agricultural Information
Dot Hydrology Resource List
Dot International Web sites
Dot Not Just Cows: A guide to Internet/Bitnet Resources in Agriculture
Dot Publication lists
Dot World Wide Web Library of Agriculture
Dot WWW Virtual Library - Irrigation


Dot FAO Tropical Feeds Database
Dot Global Perspectives of Agricultural Production & Marketing
Dot Hydrology Web
Dot Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Resources
Dot Tropical Agriculture
Dot World Food Prize

As you check out these sites, let us know when you find forage-related information and we'll add it to the direct links to save other folks time in locating specific information. Thanks! webmaster@forages.css.orst.edu


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