organic farming

Hi my name is Andrew Erb I live in Jefferson City, Missouri and want to
start growing organic produce. Can anyone reccommend specific vegtables,
herbs, or dwarf fruit trees, especially those native to or suited to
Missouri, to start growing organically so that I can get started without
going in the red my first year.  I am determined to grow organically and
would appreciate any advice.  Also I would like to help low income
families and communities start growing organiclly so they can eat
healthier food, and improve their self esteem by providing for themselves. 
If any one has knowladge of Missouri specific.  I would also like
info/advice on building and sustainable communities development.  I would
like to at least partially support my family, I am currently working and
want to supplement my income in the next year by grow ing and selling
vegtables, herbs, etc. I would like to concentrate only on growing
organically for my sole income in the next 2-5 years.  My question is how
do I get started with very little capital and can I make a profit my first
year.  I have access to 5 acres of pasture My brother in law has 5 acres
of pasture with a slight slope and a lot of sun.  I don't know the soil pH
but will have that tested.  He has agreed to partner with me in this
business which could be a good way for both of us to supplement our

Thanks for your time and help!  

Andrew Erb
2119 B Millbrook Ct. 
Jefferson City, MO USA 65101