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List of Herbal Books

Jonathan Treasure's Bookworm

Paul Bergner's Medical Herbalist

This list of books and printed resources has been compiled from lists from various sources. I intend to update it as new sources become available. Thanks to the many people who contributed. If you would like to add a book please use the option below. Rob -

ISBN 0-936672-17-X 54 pp. Indian Doctor Nancy Locke Doane Aerial Photography Services 2511 S. Tryon Street Charlotte, NC 28203 (704) 333-5142 ISBN 0-034026-74-2 1992 The Herb Companion Wishbook and Resource Guide Bobbi. A. McRae Interweave Press Loveland, CO ISBN 0-670-81894-1 1988 The Complete Book of Herbs Lesley Bremness NY, VIking Penguin, Inc THE NATURAL PHARMACY MIRIAM POLUNIN & CHRISTOPHER ROBBINS $12.95 This book was my first herb dictionary. Plants are listed alphabetically by their latin name, with their common name listed second. Each listing has a description, distribution, constituents, uses, cultivation, and contra-indications. I have found it very helpful when perusing the health store for vitamins and such. The VNR color dictionary of herbs and herbalism edited by Malcolm Stuart. (Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, NY) Nuzzi, Debra. Herbal Preparations & Natural Therapies: Creating & Using a Home Herbal Medicine Chest. (Illus.). 140p. (Orig.). 08/1989. Paper. $95.00 lab manual. (ISBN 0-9623812-0-9). Morningstar Publications. McIntyre, Anne. Herbs for Common Ailments. (Illus.). 96p. (Orig.). 03/1992. Paper. $12.00. (ISBN 0-671-74632-4, Fireside). Simon & Schuster Trade. Spoerke, David G. Herbal Medications. LC 90-34214. 1992. Paper. $9.95. (ISBN 0-88007-181-8). Woodbridge Press Publishing Company. Brown, O. Phelps. Complete Herbalist: The People Their Own Physicians. 504p. 1992. Paper. $35.00. (ISBN 0-89540-118-5, SB-118). Sun Publishing Company. Katz, Michael J. The Herbalist. 288p. (Orig.). 02/1992. Library binding - adult. $49.50. (ISBN 0-8191-8552-3); Paper. $24.50. (ISBN 0-8191-8553-1). University Press of America. Culpeper, Nicholas. Culpeper's Color Herbal. LC 91-39271. 224p. 03/1992. Paper. $16.95. (ISBN 0-8069-8568-2). Sterling Publishing Company, Incorporated. Elliot, Rose & De Paoli, Carlo. Kitchen Pharmacy: A Book of Healing Remedies for Everyone. LC 92-20651. 04/1993. Paper. $12.00. (ISBN 0-688-12111-X, Quill). Morrow, William, & Company, Incorporated. Al-Akili, Muhammad. Natural Healing with Tibb Medicine: Medicine of the Prophet. 320p. (Orig.). 04/1993. Paper. $16.95. (ISBN 1-879405-07-5). Pearl Publishing House. Brother Aloysius. Comfort to the Sick. LC 82-60161. 448p. 04/1992. Paper. $19.95. (ISBN 0-87728-525-X). Weiser, Samuel, Incorporated. Weed, Susun S. Menopausal Years: The Wise Woman Way. McGehee, Martha, illustrator. Intro. by De Bairachi-Levy, Juliette. (Wise Woman Healing Ser.: No. 3). (Illus.). 228p. (Orig.). 09/1992. Paper. $9.95. (ISBN 0-9614620-4-3). Ash Tree. Nuzzi, Debra. Pocket Herbal Reference Guide. 144p. (Orig.). 10/1992. Paper. $5.95. (ISBN 0-89594-568-1). Crossing Press, The. Keys, John. Chinese Herbs: Their Botany, Chemistry & Pharmacodynamics. 346p. 04/1991. $24.95 o.p. (ISBN 0-8048-1179-2); Paper. $14.95. (ISBN 0-8048-1667-0). Tuttle, Charles E., Company, Incorporated. This book for botanists, chemists, & holistic health practitioners is an illustrated encyclopedia of herbs--more than 250 of them--whose medicinal value has been recognized for centuries by the Chinese. Much of the material presented is the result of translation of definitive Chinese works on the subject. In the book the author lists the botanical & pharmacological data for each herb; the drugs of mineral & animal origin used in Chinese medicine; a table of poisonous herbs; & a section of prescriptions for some 150 human ills or ailments. Each entry includes the herb's Latin name, its English name, a line drawing, & a botanical description. In the book there are herbal remedies for everything from anemia to asthma, tetanus to toothaches. (Publisher supplied) Boyle, Wade. Official Herbs: Botanical Substances in the United States Pharmacopoeias: 1820-1990. Frwd. by Bergner, Paul. (Illus.). 97p. (Orig.). 12/1991. Paper. $12.95. (ISBN 0-9623518-3-0). Buckeye Naturopathic Press. Schechter, Steven R. Fighting Radiation & Chemical Pollutants with Foods, Herbs & Vitamins: Documented Natural Remedies That Boost Your Immunity & Detoxify. Valiton, Patricia, editor. Intro. by Shealy, C. Norman. Pref. by Schechter, S. (Illus.). 320p. (Orig.). 11/1991. Repr. of 1988 ed. Hardcover text edition. $19.95. (ISBN 1-878412-05-1); Paper. $9.95. (ISBN 1-878412-04-3). Vitality, Incorporated. FIGHTING RADIATION & CHEMICAL POLLUTANTS WITH FOODS, HERBS & VITAMINS - DOCUMENTED NATURAL REMEDIES THAT BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY & DETOXIFY is already listed nationally as a best-seller in the catalogs of the largest distributors of health & self-help books. This book empowers you with safe & effective programs for self-help. You will find "easy to read & use" information about natural remedies documented to: *Boost Immunity, *Detoxify from Chemical Pollutants, Radiation, X-Rays, Tobacco, Drugs & Alcohol, *Generate Maximum Vitality, Health & Longevity, *Prevent or Treat Diseases. In chapters 8 & 9, Dr. Schechter integrates the above information into practical & optimal prevention & treatment programs. Chapters 2-7 contain information about boosting immunity & counteracting specific toxins. He has developed several original charts, such as in chapter 2 for chemical pollutants & drugs, chapter 8 for supplement dosages, & Appendix I for optimal nutrient combining & common depleting factors. This book contains over 600 primary references to scientific studies--which enhance its credibility & reliability. Tasty recipes, a resource section, & other useful appendices are also included. The conclusion encompasses, yet goes beyond, self-help treatment of individual health problems. The conclusion offers holistic suggestions for gentle ways to bring about changes in societal attitudes & processes which have perpetrated the pollution of our macro-immune system: our environment. You can order this book direct from the publisher: Vitality, Ink, P.O. Box 294, Encinitas, CA 92024, 800-473-VITL (8485); or, through distributors of health books such as Nutri-Books 800-525-9030, New Leaf 800-326-2665, or Atrium 800-275-2606. (Publisher supplied) Vogel, A. Book of Fourteen Amazing Herbal Medicines. (The Swiss Nature Doctor Ser.). 24p. 1990. Paper. $2.95. (ISBN 0-87983-527-3). Keats Publishing, Incorporated. Martin, Corinne. Earthmagic: Using New England Medicinal Herbs. Francis, Ed, editor. Dovner, Sylvia, editor. (Illus.). 250p. (Orig.). 04/1990. Paper. $12.95. (ISBN 0-9623199-1-0). Dirigo Books, Incorporated. Holmes, Peter. The Energetics of Western Herbs, Vol. 2: Integrating Western & Oriental Herbal Medicine Traditions. Thornley, Hazel, illustrator. Masters, Daemian, illustrator. Frwd. by Fulder, Stephen. Kaptchuk, Ted. Barolet, Randy. (Illus.). 416p. (Orig.). 01/1990. Paper. $45.00. (ISBN 0-9623477-7-9). NatTrop Publishing. Naeser, Margaret A. Outline Guide to Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines in Pill Form - with Sample Pictures of the Boxes: An Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicines. 2nd ed. LC 90-80264. (Illus.). 370p. (Orig.). 03/1990. Paper. $24.95. (ISBN 0-9625651-1-3). Boston Chinese Medicine. This book, designed for lay persons & health practitioners, presents modern & historical use of Chinese Herbal Medicines (Patent Medicines in pill form) for a variety of medical conditions & disorders. These include common cold, coughs, asthma, sports injuries, burns, skin disorders, digestive problems, chronic urinary problems, menstrual disorders, menopause, fatigue, insomnia, agitation, nervousness, etc. Many of these Patent Medicines have been in continuous use for over 1,000 years. Today, they are widely available over-the-counter in grocery stores & herb stores in Chinatowns in the U. S.; they are popular because they are inexpensive & usually have no side effects. They are not meant to replace medical advice. This book is organized so that the reader can easily take it to the herb store or Chinese grocery store, point to the appropriate picture, & readily locate the appropriate Patent Medicine box. Sample pictures of the boxes are presented, including both the English side & the Chinese side of the box. Over 175 Patent Medicines are presented. The book presumes no previous knowledge of Chinese Medicine & is designed to acquaint the reader with general uses of the Chinese herbs in pill form. Includes a complete modern medical index. (Publisher supplied) Weiner, Michael. Weiners Herbal. 2nd, rev. ed. (Illus.). 276p. 10/1990. Repr. of 1980 ed. Paper. $17.95. (ISBN 0-912845-03-1). Quantum Books. The first herbal that goes beyond folklore & incorporates the findings of modern science for over 200 of the world's most frequently used herbs. Unique Feature: Sixteen page keyed therapeutic index. Easy to find what herb is used for specific ailments or diseases. Lavishly illustrated with botanically accurate 19th C. medicinal plant drawings. Michael Weiner, Ph.D. best-selling author of the classic Earth Medicine: Earth Foods & Maximum Immunity. Janet Weiner, herbalist & herb industry consultant combine their resources to make this book the best in its class. (Publisher supplied) Crellin, John K. & Philpott, Jane. Herbal Medicine Past & Present, Vol. 2: A Reference Guide to Medicinal Plants. LC 88-30906. 560p. (Orig.). 1989. Library binding - adult. $59.50. (ISBN 0-8223-0879-7); Paperback text edition. $19.95. (ISBN 0-8223-1019-8). Duke University Press. Weiss, Rudolf F. Herbal Medicine. Meuss, A. R., translator. (tr. from GER). (Illus.). 362p. 1988. Paper. $49.00. (ISBN 0-906584-19-1, Beaconsfield Pub). Medicina Biologica. Pi-Kwang Tsung & Hong-Yen Hsu. Allergies & Chinese Herbal Medicine. (Educational Series on Chinese Medicine: No. 3). 40p. (Orig.). 08/1987. Paperback text edition. $5.95. (ISBN 0-941942-26-0). Oriental Healing Arts Institute. Reid, Daniel P. Chinese Herbal Medicine. reissue ed. LC 86-17814. (Illus.). 180p. 02/1987. Repr. of 1986 ed. Paper. $20.00. (ISBN 0-87773-398-8). Shambhala Publications, Incorporated. Shaffer, Willa. Midwifery & Herbs. 1987. Paper. $2.95. (ISBN 0-913923-19-2). Woodland Health Books. Berk, William. Chinese Healing Arts: Internal Kung Fu. Berk, William R., editor. Dudgeon, John, translator. LC 86-50612. 209p. (Orig.). 05/1986. Repr. of 1979 ed. Paper. $9.95. ( 0-86568-083-3, 222). Unique Publications. Miller, Jonathon D. Jonathon's Herbal: A Guide to Herbs for Health. rev. ed. 12/1986. Paper. $2.50. (ISBN 0-935815-02-3). Lifecircle Well Weed, Susun S. Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year. Novet, Janice, illustrator. Pref. by Baker, Jeannine P. LC 85-71064. (Wise Woman Herbals Ser.: No. 1). (Illus.). 196p. (Orig.). 1986. $12.95. (ISBN 0-9614620-1-9); Paper. $8.95. (ISBN 0-9614620-0-0). Ash Tree. Tisserand, Maggie. Aromatherapy for Women: Beautifying & Healing Essences from Flowers & Herbs. LC 85-2617. 128p. (Orig.). 05/1985. Paper. $6.95. (ISBN 0-89281-244-3, Healing Arts Press). Inner Traditions International, Limited. Beyerl, Paul. The Master Book of Herbalism. Greene, Diana, illustrator. (Illus.). 425p. 12/1984. Paper. $14.95. (ISBN 0-919345-53-0). Phoenix Publishing, Incorporated. Meyer, Joseph E. The Old Herb Doctor. 2nd, rev. ed. Meyer, Clarence, illustrator. (Illus.). 176p. 03/1984. Paper. $8.95. (ISBN 0-916638-08-1). Meyerbooks. Lust, Benedict. About Herbs: Nature's Medicine. 1983. Paper. $2.95. (ISBN 0-87904-045-9). Lust, Benedict, Publications. Blate, Michael. The G-Jo Institute Manual of Medicinal Herbs. (The G-Jo Institute Self-Health Ser.). (Illus.). 96p. (Orig.). 02/1983. Paper. $10.95. (ISBN 0-916878-19-8). G-Jo Institute/Falkynor Books. Torres, Eliseo. Green Medicine: Traditional Mexican American Herbal Remedies. Magruder, Clark, illustrator. (Illus.). 64p. (Orig.). 09/1983. Paper. $4.95. (ISBN 0-9612008-0-4). Nieves Press. Culpeper, Nicholas. Culpeper's Herbal Remedies. 1980. Paper. $5.00. (ISBN 0-87980-025-9). Wilshire Book Company. Bethel, May. Healing Power of Herbs. 1980. Paper. $5.00. (ISBN 0-87980-047-X). Wilshire Book Company. Challem, Jack & Lewin-Challem, Renate. What Herbs Are All About. LC 80-82913. 150p. (Orig.). 11/1980. Paper. $2.95. (ISBN 0-87983-204-5). Keats Publishing, Incorporated. Doole, Louise E. Herbs for Health: How to Grow & Use Them. 1979. Paper. $5.00. (ISBN 0-87980-052-6). Wilshire Book Company. Griffin, LaDean. Please Dr., I'd Rather Do It Myself with Herbs. 04/1979. Paper. $4.95. (ISBN 0-89036-058-8). Hawkes Publishing Incorporated. Griffin, LaDean. The Return to Herbal Medicine. 06/1979. Paper. $6.95. (ISBN 0-89036-073-1). Hawkes Publishing Incorporated. Lust, John B. The Herb Book. Pereida, Ralph, illustrator. LC 74-75368. (Illus.). 640p. 05/15/1974. $19.95. (ISBN 0-87904-007-6); Paper. $5.95. (ISBN 0-685-57752-X). Lust, Benedict, Publications. Rose, Jeanne. Herbs & Things: Jeanne Rose's Herbal. Moore, Michael S., illustrator. (Illus.). 05/1972. $9.95. (ISBN 0-399-50944-5, Perigee Bks). Putnam Publishing Group, The. Malstrom, Stan. Herbal Remedies for Common Diseases. (Tree of Knowledge Ser.: No. 2). 30p. Paper. $3.95. (ISBN 0-913923-35-4). Woodland Health Books. Malstrom, Stan. Natural Approach to Female Problems. (Tree of Knowledge Ser.: No. 7). 31p. Paper. $3.95. (ISBN 0-913923-41-9). Woodland Health Books. Malstrom, Stan. Natural First Aid. (Tree of Knowledge Ser.: No. 5). 19p. Paper. $3.95. (ISBN 0-913923-38-9). Woodland Health Books. Malstrom, Stan. Natural Treatment for Childhood Diseases. (Tree of Knowledge Ser.: No. 6). 29p. Paper. $3.95. (ISBN 0-913923-40-0). Woodland Health Books. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Nucanchic Panpa Janpicuna" or "Plantas Medicinales del Campo" is the name of a bilingual (Quichua-Spanish) book that documents more than 120 medicinal plants used in the indigenous communities of La Esperanza, Angochagua, and Caranqui, Imbabura, Ecuador. The investigation for this project was undertaken primarily by two campesino volunteers from every participating community, under the auspices of the Union de Organizaciones y Comunidades Indigenas de Angochagua, La Esperanza, y Caranqui (UNOCIAE-C). The illustrated bilingual edition was developed primarily for the campesinos of the region. It includes drawings and latin names of most of the plants and icons to pictorially represent methods of remedy preparation and use. An attempt was made to maintain the flavor of the languages, as spoken and understood by the campesinos concerned. Future extensions of the project include the creation of a garden of medicinal plants in each community. Funding for the creation and maintenance of the gardens is expected to be generated by proceeds from the sale of this book. The book will be sold within the communities, below printing cost. The book was published jointly by ABYA-YALA and colegio SINT-TRUIDEN (Belgium). If anyone is interested in more info or a copy ($10.00), please contact Brij Kothari at (607) 255-0504; 277-3761, or e-mail: bk19@cornell.edu All proceeds go to the communities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Gary Martin. Ethnobotany - A Methods Manual. Chapman & Hall ISBN 0-412-48370-X. Due for publication late 1994. 2. Quentin Cronk & J. Fuller. Plant Invaders - the Threat to Natural Ecosystems. Chapman & Hall ISBN 0-412-49380-7. Also due for publication late 1994. 3. A.B. Cunningham. People and Wild Plant Use. Chapman & Hall. ISBN to be allocated. Due for publication spring 1995. 4. Peggy Stern & Peter Ashton. Botanical Surveys for Conservation. Publication also early 1995. 5. Botanical Databases for Conservation and Development. Author to be decided. Publication 1995. Also check out the excellent WWF booklets: 1. Tony Cunningham "Ethics, Ethnobiological Research, and Biodiversity" 2. Martin Walters and Alan Hamilton. "The Vital Wealth of Plants." (both available from WWF in Godalming, Surrey, U.K.). Also there is Lisa Famolare and Mark Plotkin's excellent book published by Island Press for Conservation International "Sustainable Harvest and Marketing of Rainforest Products" which has relevant chapters. There is also an excellent book called "Biodiversity Prospecting" published by World Resources Institute. Also you should consult the Plants and People newsletter edited by Trish Flaster of the Society for Economic Botany which has a ongoing column on ethnobotany and economic botany courses. Dr R C J Carling Senior Editor, Life Sciences Chapman & Hall 2-6 Boundary Row London SE1 8HN United Kingdom Tel: +44-(0)71-865-0066 Fax: +44-(0)71-522-9623/4 email: BCARLIN@CHALL.MHS.COMPUSERVE.COM _Magic and Medicine of Plants_ Copyright 1986 by The Reader's Digest Association, Inc., Mt. Pleasant, NY ISBN 0-89577-221-3 _The Healing Herbs_ by Michael Castleman, Copyright 1991 by Michael Castleman, Rodale Press, Emmaus, PA, ISBN 0-87857-934-6 _Complete Medicinal Herbal_ by Penelope Ody American Herb Association - Qtrly. newsletter American Herb Assn. 14648 Pear Tree Lane Nevada City, CA 95959 (916)626-5046 Information on the many uses of herbs. Quarterly, individual subscriptions $20.00 American Journal of Chinese Medicine Institute for Advanced Research in Asian Science & Medicine Box 124 450 Clarkson Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11203 Tel # (718)270-1629 Basic scientific and clinical research in indigenous medical techniques, theraputic procedures, medicinal plants, medical theories and concepts. Quarterly, Individual subscription, $50.00 Hepburn, Gail. Pesticides and Drugs from the Neem Tree; The Ecologist, vol. 19, no. 1 page 31-32, 1989 Hamilton, David P. The Wonders of the Neem Tree-- Revealed; Science, vol 255 page 275, Jan 17, 1992 Stix, Gary. Village Pharmacy: The Neem Tree Yield; Products from Pesticides to Soap; Scientific American, vol. 266, page 132, May 1992 Bannan, Jean. The Cornucopia Tree (Neem Tree, Azadirachta indica); Wildlife Conservation, v 96, p 10, May/June 1993 Thomas, Lalitha. Ten Essential Herbs: Everybody's Handbook to Health. 2nd, rev. & expanded ed. Johansen, Kim, illustrator. (Illus.). 418p. 02/1995. Paper. $14.95. (ISBN 0-934252-48-3). Hohm Press. To order, PHONE 1-800-729-6423. (Publisher supplied) Cornell Plantations Staff. American Garden Guides: Herb Gardening. Adams, Ian, photographer. LC 93-11362. 01/1994. $25.00. (ISBN 0-679-41432-0). Pantheon Books. Bellamy, David. Blooming Bellamy: Herbs & Herbal Healing. (Illus.). 188p. 03/1994. $27.95. (ISBN 0-563-36725-3, BBC-Parkwest). Parkwest Publications, Incorporated. Skelly, Carole J. Dictionary of Herbs, Spices, Seasonings, & Natural Flavorings. LC 93-28205. (Garland Reference Library of Social Science Ser.: Vol. 918). 504p. 02/1994. $75.00. (ISBN 0-8153-1465-5, SS918). Garland Publishing, Incorporated. Tilford, Gregory L. The EcoHerbalist's Fieldbook: Wildcrafting in the Mountain West. 2nd ed. Tyler, Richard W., illustrator. LC 93-80091. (Illus.). 295p. 03/1994. Paper. $13.95. (ISBN 0-9638638-7-8). Mountain Weed Publishing. Mills, Simon Y. The Essential Book of Herbal Medicine. 704p. 01/1994. Paper. $15.00. (ISBN 0-14-019309-X, Penguin Bks). Viking Penguin. Christopher, John R. & Gileadi, Cathy. Every Woman's Herbal. King, Kurt, illustrator. Davis, Judy, illustrator. Pref. by Christopher, David W. LC 90-20536. (Illus.). 225p. 1994. Paper. $14.95. (ISBN 1-879436-10-8, 99110). Dr. Christopher's Publications, Incorporated. Wulff-Tilford, Mary. An Herbalist's Quick Reference: Medicinal Plants of the Northern Rockies. 20p. (Orig.). 02/1994. Paper. $4.95. (ISBN 0-9638638-6-X). Mountain Weed Publishing. Sturdivant, Lee. Herbs for Sale: Growing & Marketing Herbs, Herbal Products & Herbal Knowledge. McRae, Peggy Sue, illustrator. (A Bookstrap Guide Ser.). (Illus.). 225p. (Orig.). 04/1994. Paper. $14.95. (ISBN 0-9621635-2-X). San Juan Naturals. Rose, Jeanne. Herbs for the Reproductive System. 68p. (Orig.). 06/1994. Paper. $7.95. (ISBN 1-883319-17-X). Frog, Limited. Tyler, Varro E. Herbs of Choice: The Therapeutic Use of Phytomedicinals. LC 93-41977. 202p. 05/1994. $24.95. (ISBN 1-56024-894-7); Paper. $14.95. (ISBN 1-56024-895-5). Haworth Press, Incorporated, The. Bremness, Lesley. Herbs. LC 93-26815. (Eyewitness Handbooks Ser.). 03/1994. $29.95. (ISBN 1-56458-497-6); $17.95 flexibdg. (ISBN 1-56458-496-8). Dorling Kindersley, Incorporated. How to Use Herbs Safely. 03/1994. Library binding - adult. $250.00. (ISBN 0-8490-5671-3). Gordon Press Publishers. Hoffman, David., editor. The Information Sourcebook of Herbal Medicine. LC 93-44206. 04/1994. $39.95. (ISBN 0-89594-671-8); Paper. write for info. (ISBN 0-89594-670-X). Crossing Press, The. Hurley, Judith B. Kitchen Doctor. LC 92-46137. 04/1994. write for info. (ISBN 0-688-11324-9). Morrow, William, & Company, Incorporated. Wilson, Jim. Landscaping with Herbs. LC 93-32184. 04/1994. write for info. (ISBN 0-395-62237-9). Houghton Mifflin Company. Medici, Marina. Love Magic. LC 93-3847. 02/1994. $16.00. (ISBN 0-671-79684-4, Fireside). Simon & Schuster Trade. Al-Jawziyya, Ibn A. Natural Healing with Tibb Medicine: Medicine of the Prophet. Al-Akili, Muhammad M., translator. LC 92-85137. 384p. (Orig.). 01/1994. Paper. $16.95. (ISBN 1-879405-07-5). Pearl Publishing House. Natural Pharmacy Products Guide. (Alternative Medicine Ser.). 01/1994. Library binding - adult. $255.95. (ISBN 0-8490-9020-2). Gordon Press Publishers. Sommers, Cynthia J. Proof, Herbs Against Cancer. LC 93-85420. (Illus.). 140p. (Orig.). 03/1994. Paper. $13.95. (ISBN 0-9640193-0-2). Red Wing Publishing House. To order, write for quantity discounts to Red Wing Publishing House, P.O. Box 867, Conifer, CO 80433, or call (303) 838-6734. Charalambous, George. Spices, Herbs & Edible Fungi. LC 93-40928. (Developments in Food Science: Vol. 34). 764p. 01/1994. $285.75. (ISBN 0-444-81761-1). Elsevier Science Publishing Company, Incorporated. Way of Herbs Michael Tierra' ISBN 0671724037 $6- Chinese Herbal Medicine Daniel P. Reid The Barefoot Doctor's Manual - Running Press

Magazines, Newsletters & Organizations

Herbalgram (published by the American Botanical Council and P.O. Box 201660 Herb Research Foundation) Austin, TX 78720 Subscription $25/yr Business of Herbs (for herb businesses) Rt 2 Box 246 Shevlin, MN 56676 Subscript. $20/yr Foster's Botanical & Herb Reviews (book reviews of botanical and P.O. Box 106 herb books) Eureka Springs, AR 72632 Subscription $10/yr American Herb Association (quarterly newsletter - 20 pages) P.O. Box 1673 Nevada City, CA 95959 Subscription $25/yr American Herbalists Guild (quarterly newsletter & yearly symposium) P.O. Box 1683 Soquel, CA 95073 Membership $35-$50/yr North East Herbal Association (quarterly newsletter and conference) P.O. Box 146 Marshfield, VT 05658-0146 Medical Herbalism (quarterly newsletter for herbalists and P.O. Box 33080 naturapathic physicians) Portland, OR 97233 $18/yr Wild Rose College of Natural Healing (3 yr program w/300 hour 1745 West 4th Ave. clinical practicum) Vancouver, BC Canada V6J 1M2 The Southwest School of Botanical Medicine 122 Tulane S.E. (4 month residential school) Albuquerque, NM 87106 ================================ Suggested reading: W.H. Blackwell, 1990. Poisonous and Medicinal Plants, Prentice Hall. J.K. Crellin and J. Philpott, Herbal Medicine Past and Present, Duke University Press, 1990. J.A. Duke, 1985. CRC Handbook of Medicinal Herbs, CRC Press. J.A. Duke, 1986. Handbook of Northeastern Indian Medicinal Plants, Quarterman Publications, Inc. S. Foster, 1991. Echinacea: Nature's Immune Enhancer, Healing Arts Press. S. Foster, 1992. Herbal Emissaries: Bringing Chinese Herbs to the West, Healing Arts Press. M.R. Gilmore, 1977. Uses of Plants by the Indians of the Missouri River Region, Univ. of Nebraska Press. J. Green, 1991. The Male Herbal: health care for men and boys, The Crossing Press. Barbara Griggs, Green Pharmacy: A History of Herbal Medicine, New York: Viking Press, 1982. C. Hobbs, (many booklets). Topics: Echinacea, Usnea, Medicinal Mushrooms, Natural Liver Therapy, Vitex, Milk Thistle, Immune Therapy. Botanica Press, Box 742, Capitola, CA 95010. (Most are $5- $10). D. Hoffmann, 1988. The Herbal Handbook: A User's Guide to Medical Herbalism, Healing Arts Press. S. Mills, 1992. Out of the Earth: The Essential Book of Herbalism, Viking Press. *>M. Moore, 1977. Los Remedios de la Gente, self pub. *>M. Moore, 1979. Medicinal Plants of the Mountains West, Uof NM Press. *>M. Moore, 1990. Medicinal Plants of the Desert West, U of NM Press. *>M. Moore, 1993. Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West, Red Crane Press. A.W. Priest and L.R. Priest, Herbal Medication: A Clinical and Dispensary Handbook, London: L.N. Fowler & Co., Ltd., 1982. J. Schofield, 1989. Discovering Wild Plants: Alaska, Western Canada, the Northwest, Alaska Northwest Books. *>M. Tierra, 1992. American Herbalism: essays on herbs & herbalism by the members of the American Herbalists Guild. S. Weed, 1992. Menopausal Years, Ash Tree Publishing. R.F. Weiss, 1988. Herbal Medicine, (U.S. Distributor: Medicina Biologica, 4830 N.E. 32nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97211.) T. Willard, 1992. Textbook of Advanced Herbology, Wild Rose College. T. Willard, 1992. Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Rocky Mountains and Neighboring Territories, Wild Rose College.


Journal of Herbs, Spices & Medicinal Plants Journal of Ethnopharmacology Indica Medica


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