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Re: OFMA and some other issues and opinions (fwd)

>Hello all...
>How about getting ourselves just organized enough that we can get a ball
rolling?...not necessarily to 'fight' what is happening  (they're going to
do what they will for their own reasons no matter how ridiculous it is to
us)... rather, to initiate a big educational push.  Already this information
is getting out to ever-increasing numbers of people. With Neptune soon
moving into Aquarius to stay for 13 years, we have a wonderful opportunity
to 'link up' our ideas and do things with joint intention and energy,
utilizing this cyber-space we share and out-reaching to 'humanity' to make a
difference in awareness.
>If some one of us will write a single page explanation of the threat to
Organic food and we coin a new phrase that will carry us through to indicate
what was formerly 'Organic', we can each take responsibility to send e-mails
like crazy and get hard-copy printed information sheets to CSA's, health
food stores, food co-ops, book stores, health clubs...LET PEOPLE KNOW and
organize ourselves, new nomenclature and all.  
>If we continue doing what we always have and call it something else
agreed-upon it will still be what it is. A rose by any other name... Not
sure how the certification for this new standard would be set-up..hhmm..
>Seems there should still be standards to insure we are getting GreenFood
(or whatever it's called)
>And YES, a comprehensive letter we all could send, as Liz suggested, and
have available for others concerned to use as well..Power in numbers?? Who
feels equipped and ready to write it?