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Re: IS anyone out there?

In a message dated 12/19/98 3:42:18 AM, mnkludwig@mailbag.com wrote:

<<Emily et.al.
Perhaps I'm not being clear, I know how to run a dairy, I'm fishing for ideas,
examples and resources beyond my expertise for a workshop to be given to a
range of organic  farmers, not just dairy folks.>>

OK Mark:

Looks Iike it is  up to me. I paste our one-day workshop outline below and
then explain.  I've never liked events shorter than a weekend for presenting
permaculture because a weekend is the smallest period in which I can get a
group some solid experience in working on a design.  Since permaculture
requires thinking in another way, it is important for people to at least
experience that way of thinking to communicate what we are talking about.  

Here's the outline:

One Day Workshop
Time	Event
9-9:30 am	Introductions.  Discuss format.
9:30-11:30	Introductory slides.