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Re: paramagnatisim - who cares?

Sorry I'm late reading and replying to this immense post on paramagnatisim etc.  I
have been to Acres USA and seen Dr. Calahan present his views.  I was working at an
alternative type (biological and organic) farm at the time, and we purchased one of
his meters.  Some of the stuff we tested was "high" some was "low", but all of it
grew better plants.  I find much of this field of inquiry utterly irrelevant for
the vast majority of producers; farmers, gardeners, permaculturists etc.  We have
much better knowledge of the  elements we know plants need to grow, macro,
secondary and micro.  We know what they do and how much to apply (though we debate
rates and forms constantly).  Most farms and gardeners  in this country do a poor
job of balancing these minerals and getting diverted away from a more complete
focus here in favor of paramagnatisim seems to be folly to me.  Paramagnatisim and
the rest of the dubious "superconductivity" and "tunneling" etc. in Mr. Carters
post has plenty of claims, but vast gray areas and omissions.  Furthermore,  I find
it maddening to hear all these claims while I have seen few successful
demonstrations in the real world.   I'm not here to say there's nothing to this,
but I am saying that most of it remains unproved and a distraction if you haven't
addressed the basic issues in soil mineralization and other areas of soil

Mark Ludwig
Junck Farms Grass Based Dairy
Jerseys and cousins
Mc Farland WI

Barry Carter wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> I am new to this forum and I would like to introduce myself and introduce
> some new information on soil and biological systems. In 1995 I learned about some
> materials which are difficult to identify
> using conventional methods but which appear to be essential to many
> biological systems.  We call these materials ORMUS or m-state elements at
> the suggestion of a couple of their modern discoverers.  One of these
> modern discoverers, a gentleman named David Hudson, has patented some of
> the ORMUS elements and one process for obtaining them.  Transcripts of
> several of Hudson's lectures on this subject are available on the web at:
> Stupidity got us into this mess --
> why can't it get us out?

Give me a break