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Re: Guilds

>In a message dated 10/2/97 12:54:35 AM, jenny@dsrt.com wrote:
>>Does anyone know of a book or a list of guilds? Especially guilds for
>>dry climates. I would also be interested in having the descriptions of
>>why and how etc.
>>The more creative and unusual the guilds the better. I am looking
>>forward to your input.
>>Thank you,
>Hi Jenny:
>In my opinion, the idea of guilds is one of the areas in which Mollison leads
>folks astray.  Recipes are inappropriate to permaculture.  There are some
>plants that do well together, but it is best to know your plants and know
>your site and the make site-specific recommendation s.  Anything less isn't
>permaculture, in my opinion.  There is room for standard designs, but the
>best standard designs with respect to plant selection are species matrices
>such as published in the old and still unequalled publication by TILTH, The
>Future is Abundant.

Excellent point, and I strongly concur. The Future is Abundant is
unfortunately out of print, but has recently been posted on someone's
website. Anybody out there know where?

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