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Re: reprise: guilds

In a message dated 10/6/97 12:10:53 PM, you wrote:

>Wow Dan, you're really opening up a can of worms here.  Seems like you're
>out to prove that Mollison doesn't know anything about permaculture.  I've
>been told that one can overcome this condition with psychotherapy :)

Now that is a perfectly idiotic thing to put in a public post and I will not
dignify it with a public answer.  If you want a permaculture for a religion,
with Mollison as infallable godhead, fine.  I have a more critical eye.  Bill
makes mistakes too, and guild is one of them.  Another is his renunciation of
the bioregional movement which is about like guilds as turnips resemble a
writ of habeas corpus.  

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