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Re: Yeomans Keyline Plow

Hello Dan,

I trust that this greets you well! The Yeomans Plow Co. do have an email address which is yeoplow@onthenet.com.au . I can highly recommend the plow, we have two: a 3 x 26" shank 3SB model, and a 9 x 26" shank 9SU model. The range of attachments they have available is fantastic and allows the operator to deep rip, mound/hill, deep fertilise, chisel plow, seed, weed and a lot more. We currently have our 3SB set up with a single 26" shank with a Simca 1000mm wide rotary hoe mounted on the back, with two 18" scalloped offset discs acting as hillers/mounders behind. Yeomans supplied a special double bearing block which bolted onto the plow frame, which one joins the PTO from the tractor to the bearing block, and then another PTO shaft from the block to the rotary hoe, so there is no long shafts or compromising angles. This set up we use for single pass ground preparation for trees, olives and grapes. It works pretty bloody well with a minimum of energy use and cost.

As mentioned in recent dispatches I have photos available of our working with the Yeomans Keyline Plow and its many different applications. I am currently working on a web page which will make available these images from over 500 properties we have worked on over the past 5 years. If I were to insert them into email their size would take for ever to download. So I think its better to wait for the web page.

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